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To deliver more worth the human resources department requires to spend more time fast-tracking operational enhancement and less time on its outmoded administrative and compliance activities. It’s very essential for a human resource department to choose on to what is essential and nonessential. Administrative responsibilities such as getting pay checks out on time are not core. For enriched consulting, whether it be IT consulting, Technology consulting , Agile consulting or Operations consulting , we need to focus on process improvement.

Hire HRs with broad operational augmentation experience

To get the “people” portion of process improvement right HRs need staff

  • Who can go toe-to- toe discussing operating changes with line managers.
  • HRs need credibility to challenge line managers on whether they are improving the attitudes and skills of people at the same time building their careers.
  • For enhancement of the HR department, company should hire experts in organizational development to help people adapt to process changes.
  • Experts in training and education help teams on group problem solving, team building & employee engagement.
  • People with across industry experience can help bringing new flair and slant of thought in the HR function.

Modernize and unburden HRs of Monotonous Jobs

Managers of HR administrative services such as payroll and benefits need to focus on running a steady & dependable process at low cost & and to do so they need the below:

  • Automated system
  • Outsourced services

Form OD (organization development) group of HRs for operational improvement

To emphasize on operational change, HRs need a department dedicated to it, the group will aim at below:

  • Finding new ways to accelerate working driven by new strategies and new business methods.
  • Developing people for new roles.
  • These “Organizational Development” people should be change representatives.
  • OD groups should also focus on leadership development and training.
  • This group should have operational & enhancement skills.

Of course, like other business functions, HRs also need to continue doing a virtuous job at core administrative functions as line managers won’t take proposals of more value-added services if the basics are not shielded. It is easier to take instructions from line managers and be a good service company than to be proactive and take threats of helping with the people side of operational change. But HR will continue to miss prospects to bring value if its influential won’t take some risks and drive the people side of operational change.

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