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What is Robotic Process Automation?

RPA is performed by software “robots”. This is nothing but automating any large scale repetitive tasks being performed by humans. Such robots can be used to do workflow processes, business processes, infrastructure processes, back office transactional processes and many such functions which are labor intensive and error prone.

What are the benefits of RPA?

It helps improve 10x the productivity, reduces the cost and increases the accuracy. It helps to monitor the processes much better. Humans can get tired by repeatedly doing the same mundane tasks. Software robots help in maintaining business continuity as robots do not get tired. It increases the scalability as well. There is no human turnover which means there is no requirement of training.


Source: Gartner

What are the examples of the processes which can be replaced with software “robots”?

  • Healthcare
    1. Patient registration
    2. Billing
    3. Provider Details Validation
  • HR
    1. New Employee joining formalities
    2. Payroll process validations
    3. Benefits management
  • Financial Services
    1. Credit card enrolment
    2. Any reconciliations
    3. Disputes handling
  • Software Services
    1. Invoice Validation
    2. Nominals Verification
  • Government
    1. Change of address
    2. License Renewal
  • Infrastructure Management
    1. Issues processing
    2. Account setup and communication

What are the challenges?

Changes in the enterprise or application software will require changes to the RPA solutions as well. Before rolling out the enterprise software changes, RPA solutions need to be validated. RPA solutions’ co-existence with cloud based solutions is a huge challenge.

How Alten Calsoft Labs can help?

Alten Calsoft Labs has technical expertise in Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, UIPath and WorkFusion to implement RPA solutions in a shorter duration at a lower cost. ROI can be realized in a span of 3-6 months after rolling out RPA solutions.

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  • Oliver Harris

    As an expanding technology, capable of improving business outcomes, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has the capacity to support digital transformation. For this reason, many businesses are looking for ways in which they can bring this kind of change to their business functions, particularly to ensure they are using cutting edge technology.

    It’s important to understand that RPA takes on a very different role depending on the process and the industry. Across various industries such as finance, insurance, legal, media, primary infrastructure, hospitality and utilities, RPA is being used to automate mundane, high volume, and time consuming processes – to support digital transformation in the workplace worldwide.

  • Sandy

    Hi Veera,

    Very cool to see your post come up when I was searching this topic!
    I am fairly new to Blue prism. I want to grade students based on their percentages, I am pulling the data from excel storing it in a collection and passing the collection’s percentage field as input to the choice criterion, wherein I would compare the percentage with the range of numbers and write the grades accordingly back to the excel file in a separate column.
    I have not defined the structure of the collection simply for the fact that there may be hundreds if columns in an excel sheet and it won’t be practical to define fields in that case, so blue prism will itself create the structure based on the excel sheet. I am using work queues.
    The problem is, my collection. Percentage field is getting the data as text type but I need it to be as a number type so that I can compare it in the choice stage, I have tried to change the percentage column in excel as number but to no avail, the data still remains text type. How could I go about it?
    Data from excel is of text type while in choice I need to compare it to number type?
    Anyways great write up, your efforts are much appreciated.


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