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Leverage ALTEN Calsoft Labs FHIR Interoperability Framework to Build Projects That can Kick-start Your Vision and Produce Positive Health Outcome

September 27, 2016 – Santa Clara, USA & Bangalore, India 

The Healthcare Industry has lately explored the wide scope of application programming interfaces (APIs) based on FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) standard. The foundation of the strong potential of FHIR standard lies in its capabilities of information exchange, sharing and retrieval. Preserving the best features of HL7‘s earlier standards, FHIR has evolved with new aspects of web technology use along with relevant privacy and security measures. Recently, ALTEN Calsoft Labs has built a FHIR-based accelerator for RESTful interfaces that can be extensively used by healthcare providers for interoperability and app customization.

Concentrating on electronic healthcare information exchange (HIE), healthcare providers can utilize FHIR blocks, also called resources for secure exchange of HIPAA compliant clinical data using APIs. ALTEN Calsoft Labs customizes its FHIR Interoperability Framework based on client’s existing standards like V2, V3, CDA, etc. To cope up with the real market needs, the company builds various FHIR API-based digital healthcare interoperability solutions. Simplifying implementation on-time and within budget, the organization paves the path towards a digital world.

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ALTEN Calsoft Labs has extended its Healthcare Interoperability Pratices across multiple applications like Observation Lab and Diagnostic Reporting (Radiology), Medical Device Integrations, Mobile Healthcare, Patient Engagement Solutions, Remote Monitoring and even Eligibility, Enrolment and Claims Activities. The company aims to deliver maximum data availability, discoverability and understandability while ensuring data integrity. Three components of their FHIR Interoperability Framework – API, Transformer and Viewer, process and generate request/response to the interoperability solution and at the same time, ensure security and authorization.

It is high time for care providers to opt for FHIR standard to exchange data without the traditional rigid HL7 workflow. This open internet standard has a predictable URL and is no way dependent on SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). ALTEN Calsoft Labs focuses on use cases that represent 80% of clinical practice approximately. The company’s framework allows clinical document messaging, FHIR data formatting, request/response logging, data type & resource definition and lot more.

“With a highly experienced delivery team in healthcare consisting of over 600 consultants, ALTEN Calsoft Labs enables healthcare providers develop competitive advantages through optimized business process and superior consumer experience. Our healthcare solutions certainly reflect both end user and care providers’ expectations at a reasonable cost and hence continues to be the client’s only choice. With over 20 years of experience in healthcare industry, we aim to continue innovating in a market that’s ripe for disruption. ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ success is certainly exciting, but we await even bigger success leveraging our top-notch digital healthcare solutions,” annotates Ramandeep Singh, CEO, ALTEN Calsoft Labs.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs focuses on healthcare information exchange aiming to extract and produce new health information that can be helpful in ameliorating care delivery in the long run. The company walks in the path of digital healthcare with increasing prominence of the nexus of social, mobility, analytics and cloud.

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ALTEN Calsoft Labs is a next gen digital transformation, enterprise IT and product engineeringservices provider. The company enables clients innovate, integrate, and transform their business by leveraging disruptive technologies like mobility, big data, analyticscloudIoT and software-defined networking (SDN/NFV). ALTEN Calsoft Labs provides concept to market offerings for industry verticals like education, healthcare, networking & telecom, hi- tech, ISV and retail. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, the company has offices in US, Europe and Singapore. ALTEN Calsoft Labs is a part of ALTEN group, a leader in technology consulting and engineering services.

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