JAVA Developer – API Engineer

Roles & Responsibilities:
Personal Attributes
  • Able to do test driven development.
  • Hands on experience in configuring load balancing for clustered environment..
  • Hands on knowledge with test frameworks for automation.
  • Understands different major language paradigms (OOP/Functional).
  • Understands presence of abstraction beneath language (JVM/CLR).
  • Can understand and resolve complex issues.
  • Comfortable producing and refactoring code without assistance.
  • Can reason about complexity of algorithms (time and space) and code (cyclomatic).
  • Can debug code.
  • Can understand and resolve complex issues
Good to Have
Understanding of Cassandra, Couchbase, Mongo, Redis or any distributed cache stores, Exposure to Spring Cloud SOA, Kafka/spark, Coverity
Preferred Education:
BE/B.Tech,MSc,MCA, ME/Mtech
Area of Expertise:
Understanding of Java 8, Spring REST, Spring Boot, Microservices , Any NoSQL DB Technology
6+ Years
Job Code:
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