Devops Engineer (Python Programming & Shell Scripting)

Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Python Programing and Shell scripting
  • Jenkins job Configuration, pipeline setup and management of Jenkins master and slaves.
  • Jira workflow Integration with Jenkins
  • Gerrit/BitBucket setup and integration with Jenkins
  • Ansible/Puppet/Chef Scripting for deployment of servers and configuration management.
  • Handled Artifact repository like Nexsus/Artifactory for storing the binaries.
  • Experienced Virtualized Infrastructure
  • Experienced with Source code management (git/svn/bitbucket)
  • Aws Management and Automation using Python or Aws CLI.
  • Vmware Esxi cluster management and automation of VM’s using OVF tools, VRealize.
  • Experienced with Hashicorp Products, e.g Packer.
  • Experience with make.
  • Experienced with RPM/DEB packaging.
Preferred Education:
Area of Expertise:
Python Programming, Shell Scripting,Ansible/Puppet/Chef Scripting ,Source code management (git/svn/bitbucket)
6 to 9 Years
Job Code:

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