Design & Verification with out Palladium

Roles & Responsibilities:

Design planning

  • Design specification
  • Design implementation
  • Design documentation
  • Design verification (regression + development verification)
  • Miscellaneous tasks in connection to the block design
  • Verification planning
  • Verification specification
  • Verification environment (creation/adaptation/maintenance).
  • Verification documentation
  • Test case creation
  • Usage of UVC´s
  • Usage of reference models (if needed)
  • Constrained random testing
  • Creation of Coverage matrix
Most of the verification uses constrained random methodology but also dedicated test-vectors and assertions are used.
A successful candidate is an experienced design & verification engineer with 7 or more years of IP module design &verification (relevant) experience.
Verification shall be done using System Verilog/UVM. The work will be carried out in a cross functional team using Agile ways of working.
Preferred Education:
BE/Btech OR ME/Mtech
Area of Expertise:
CDC/Lintiq/Lint,RTL Coding using Verilog,Micro architecture
7+ years
Job Code:
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