ASIC Design Verification Engineer

Job Description:

  • Comprehensive pre-silicon, post-silicon test planning, test bench development, assertion development, formal verification;
  • Understand the analog-digital partition at system level;
  • Develop test plan for functional and circuit performance verification;
  • develop a scalable test bench using HVLs, test case development, debugging, coverage, model development, coverage closure;
  • Work with analog circuit design team, digital design team, analog modelling, characterization team, SoC integration team to complete the successful PHY level verification, integration into SoC, post-silicon validation.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Comp. Sc., Engineering (any field) or related field with 5 years of progressive experience as Design Verification Engineer, Sr. Verification Engineer, Design Verification Engineer Trainee or related position.
  • Experience in System Verilog, OVM, UVM, USB, AHB and AXI needed. May require travel/relocation to client sites

Preferred Education:

Bachelor’s degree in Comp. Sc., Engineering (any field)

Location: Santa Clara, CA

Area of Expertise:

System Verilog, OVM, UVM, USB, AHB and AXI

Experience: 5+ Years

Job Code:  BA-2016-10

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