We are at HiMSS

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We are at HiMSS

The healthcare industry craves desperately to treasure the solutions to interoperability among different EHR systems. Digital transformation in the healthcare industry has begun with the entry of a new interoperability framework – FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources). FHIR promises its advancements by creating plug-ins for EHRs clearing the need for interfaces. (Read our latest FHIR Report.)

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ “Connected Health Framework” enables enterprises and technology vendors to renovate their health information systems by leveraging modern technologies like Cloud, BIG Data, and Mobility. The framework provides powerful tools that enhance physician and support staff productivity. Keeping the client’s existing standards (like V2, V3, CDA, etc.) in priority, ACL customizes its FHIR interoperability framework and builds various FHIR API based digital healthcare solutions.

HiMSS, 2017 at Orlando has given us an opportunity to perceive the services proposed by each organization and build a new network.

Join us at HiMSS’17 and meet our digital transformation evangelist for one on one session

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Contact Person:

Sandeep Vyas

Director – Sales (North America) | http://www.calsoftlabs.com

Phone: 732-983-2440

Email: sandeep.vyas@calsoftlabs.com

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