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Hello Guys!!! In my last blog, I have shared with you all an overview of the servitization concept along with some of its well-known use cases. Today, it’s time to find out the big players rather servitization vendors who are regularly disrupting the industry.
Here comes up the top 5 servitization vendors who have brought revolutionary changes in Product – Service Integration.

Top 5 Servitization Vendors:

#1 Rolls – Royce
The British car and aero-engine manufacturer, Rolls – Royce is one of the most significant servitization vendor worldwide. The firm has outlined a use case named “Power by the Hour”. In lieu of selling aero-engines, Rolls – Royce now signs business contracts with most of its clients for “Power by the Hour”. This new use case allows customers to exclusively buy the power the aero-engine delivers, while Rolls – Royce goes on providing support and maintenance services.
#2 Philips
Dutch technology firm, Philips offers LED lighting-as-a-service to Amsterdam – Schiphol airport. As efficient LED lamps are highly expensive, the airport authority has opted for a servitization package. Complying to this business model, Schiphol benefits from a 50% reduction in electricity consumption, without investing in buying the lamps. Philips continues to retain ownership of the lights, and alternatively, sells lamp as the product, rather than units.

#3 Vestas
Danish wind-turbine manufacturer, Vestas aims to develop its service business by delivering wind-turbine monitoring services. The company has developed cutting-edge computing capabilities that can record voluminous weather and performance data. Vestas extracts insights from the big data set of global wind flow patterns to provide consulting services on wind-turbine installation and performance optimization.

#4 Alfa Laval
Swedish provider of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling services, Alfa Laval concentrates on the considerable potential of aftermarket services in driving profitability and growth. Based on its service capabilities, the company addresses diverse requests, ranging from basic maintenance to upgrades, online monitoring and process optimization.
#5 Xerox
American global corporation, Xerox has shifted considerably from its existing product-centric business process to the booming service-centric one. The current process focuses on business outsourcing, document & digital printing support and software solutions, and not on 100% sell of photocopying machines.
The credits of servitization in the industry go to the aforementioned top notch vendors – their innovative Return on Investment (ROI) based strategy, Technology Leadership and Simpatico Partnerships. The effort and dedication of these servitization vendors, undoubtedly, make servitization the productivity driver that guarantees remarkable hike in output.

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