Top 5 Benefits of Healthcare IoT

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Patient record statistics has always been significant in the healthcare ecosystem. The concept of healthcare IoT entails the use of electronic devices that capture or monitor health data and are connected to a private or public cloud, enabling them to automatically trigger certain events occurring in the patient’s body.
By 2020 connected devices across all technologies will reach to 20.6 billion, says Gartner. The demand for connected devices spans multiple industries including the retail, energy, automotive and education. The users nowadays are accustomed to a higher level of convenience, efficiency and automation and there comes the need for implementing IoT for healthcare in the current state of architecture. Likewise IoT is enabling the healthcare industry to offer smart treatment to its patients. Presently, the percentage of IoT devices found in healthcare is 30.3%. The predicted global worth of IoT in healthcare will be $2.5 trillion by 2025. Source:
This helps us assume that healthcare IoT has got the control and people are going to experience smart and regular treatment with personalized care on the go.

Top 5 benefits of Healthcare Iot:

#1 Asset Management

Hospitals make use of real-time location services with badges for tracking medical devices used by patients and hospital staffs. Hospitals are taking advantage of tracking tools for management of assets such as stretchers, defibrillators, ECG machine, infusion pumps and wheelchairs of the patients. Software embedded on the mobile devices of the nurses and doctors enables them to track those assets in real-time. Any asset needed, the patients can order and locate it easily.

#2 Environmental Monitoring
Healthcare platforms use IoT devices for monitoring hospital environments. Air quality monitor determines the temperature and humidity in the hospital. The health monitor measures response of the patient’s body and by logging both to the cloud for aggregate analysis, the staffs find out if the hospital environment is suitable for their health conditions. Hand hygiene compliance also comes under environment monitoring by healthcare. WorkCentre Anywhere is an iOS application that helps data integration in hospitals by streamlining nursing operations by automatic chart updating, giving the list of patients to be reviewed, etc.

Benefits of IoT in Healthcare

#3 Wearable device Innovation

IoT’s wearable health devices are used for tracking the medical information. Pebble Smart watch, Google’s smart glass, Fit Bit Activity Monitor, etc. are some of the IoT’s innovation to wearable devices. A wearable medical kit alerts the doctor about any disruption occurred in the patient’s regular schedule. Another wearable – Mimo Monitor enables the parents to know the health activity level on their mobile devices. iGlucoCheck is a diabetic management solution that allows the patient to test his/her glucose level. It stores the patient’s record for a period of 2 months.

#4 Better Disease Management with Lesser Errors

The smart health monitoring tools enable the doctors to access real-time health data and allow them to monitor their patients on a regular basis. As a result, the illnesses get treated at the starting stage. Automated workflows and accurate data minimizes errors, giving out the best patient outcome. Mobile applications for remote patient care is a smart health tool, that allows the patient to check his/her health factors and share them with the doctor.

#5 Lowers Health Expenses

The healthcare IoT use cases enable the healthcare providers to take advantages of the regular patient monitoring system and also allow patients to get rid of multiple visits to the hospitals. This helps in lowering the health expenditures by cutting down long hospital stays and re-registrations.
According to MobiHealthNews, by 2020 about 4 million patients around the world will be remotely monitoring their health through IoT. WHO expects that within next 30 years, more than 2 billion population will be above 65 years of age expanding space for growth of healthcare IoT ecosystem. We are still on the runway and are yet to experience a lot of advancements in the healthcare industry, which IoT practitioners have been seamlessly preparing for.

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