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According to Cisco, the total number of connected devices worldwide will rise from 15 billion to 50 billion by 2020. The proliferation of IoT attracts me to explore it more. In my previous blogs, I have shared with you all a general overview of IoT, followed by its security threats and some real time implementation. Today, it’s time to list down the top 100 IoT use cases that may be implemented on real time.

100 IoT Use Cases:

IoT Use Cases in Marketing/Sales

  • Customer Insights and Opportunities: Collection and analysis of product usage and consumable data to predict customer requirements and trigger cross-sell and up-sell alerts
  • Flexible Billing and Pricing Models: Integration of product usage and performance data for outcome, performance and usage based pricing
  • New Value Added Services: Enhancement of customer’s product operation leveraging aggregated base data and domain expertise
  • Reach Client on Time: Detection of congestion on road through GPS navigation on phone
  • Improved Appointment Scheduler: Compatibility matching for two professionals looking at each participant’s personal calendar and send invite

IoT Use Cases in Product Development

  • Connected Product Usage Analysis: Amelioration of product features utilizing product analysis and performance benchmarking information
  • Connected Product Quality Analysis: Improvement of root cause analysis and corrective actions to ensure better product quality, reliability and safety
  • Connected Software Management: Remote identification, management and control of product configuration


IoT Use Cases in Operations/Manufacturing

  • Asset and Material Tracking: Logistics Optimization through easy location and monitoring of key assets
  • Industrial Automation: Unified factory wide communication via active, passive and other RFID tags
  • Connected Operations Intelligence: Support faster and better decision making through operational data silos connection
  • Unified Key Performance Indicators: Key Indicator Detection through aggregation and contextualization data and other assets
  • Real Time Asset Health Monitoring: Downtime minimization and potential equipment failure avoidance through critical equipment monitoring
  • Operations Management Improvements: Support Industry 4.0 initiatives leveraging ERP/MES and crowd-sourced intelligence

IoT Use Cases in Service

  • Monitoring and Diagnostics: Interaction with connected products for remote identification and diagnosis of product issues
  • Remote Service: Remote servicing of products through real time interaction
  • Automated Service Execution: Automated technician dispatching and service execution based on connected product alerts
  • Condition-based Predictive Maintenance: Connected Product Operations Monitoring to transit from reactive to proactive maintenance
  • Connected Service Parts Planning: Service Level Objectives Balancing leveraging connected product data
  • Warranty Cost Management: Identification and Prevention of potential warranty compliance issues through continuous product usage monitoring


IoT Use Cases in Information/Operational Technology

  • Flexible Product and Asset Connectivity: Wired/Wireless Asset Connection via third party cloud, network, APIs leveraging proven connectivity services
  • Identity and Security Management: Secure real-time bidirectional device communication for access control, logs and audits
  • Scalable IoT Operations Management: Highly scalable system provisioning for large number of product deployment
  • Seamless IoT Data Integration: Rapid enterprise data integration from business systems to incorporate actionable insights
  • Automated Analytics and Actions: Business Process Optimization via business logic and algorithm establishment
  • Rapid IoT Application Development: Development and maintenance of innovative connected applications


IoT Use Cases for Customers

  • Usage and Performance Dashboard: Customer allowance to monitor and track product usage and performance
  • Customer Self-Service: Customer allowance for quick diagnosis and resolution of product issues based on connected product data
  • Product Personalization: Customer allowance to add custom features and enhance user experience


IoT Use Cases in Banking and Financial Institutions

  • Collateral and Loan Arrangement Verification: Inventory and cost monitoring to ensure follow of loan agreement
  • Insurance Claim Management: Minimization of insurance frauds through real time theft detection mechanism
  • Housing Loan/Mortgages: Automatic sanction of home improvement loans on internal damage detection
  • Mobile Check-in to Branch: Triggering branch staff preparation with relevant data before client walks in
  • Shopping Loan: Automatic alerts on shopping loans when client goes for a day shopping
  • Targeted Reward Programs: Pairing IoT with analytics to provide location based real time discounts
  • Gas Re-fuelling: Targeted credit/debit card offer on identification of client in a gas station
  • Fly with the Wind: Preferred exchange rates offer on every air ticket purchase
  • Personal Health Investment: Automated re-balancing of personal investment fund during personal health emergencies

IoT Use Cases in Insurance

  • Geospatial Applications: Maintaining usage based insurance based on real time data collection regarding vehicle speed, distance, time of travel, braking patterns, etc.
  • Dental Insurance: A smart toothbrush ensuring dental hygiene and thereby tracking dental insurance claims

IoT Use Cases in Retail

  • Deeper Consumer Insights: Analysis of customer in-store navigation through sensors
  • Smart Digital Signage: New inventory showcasing, promotion closeout, message effectiveness measurement utilizing digital signs
  • Improved Customer Service: Intelligent workflow development for beforehand identification and resolution of issues
  • Loss Prevention: Real time inventory tracking through RFID and asset tracking, thereby aiming to reduce threat and damage
  • Omnichannel Retail: Creating entirely new channels to generate new revenue streams
  • Personalized Retail: Personalizing consumer shopping experience to ensure increased profits
  • Smart Shelves: Hardware and software that make the store shelf smarter and link it to the back store for effective inventory management
  • Traceability: Tracing inventory and its treatment and condition throughout the retail supply chain, both before and after point of sale
  • JIT Promotions: Delivery of just-in-time promotions and coupons leveraging digital intelligence

Check out use cases IoT in Retail for more information


IoT Use Cases in Healthcare

Inventory Management: Management of warehouse and pharmacy inventory through ERP integration

  • Healthcare Workflow Optimization: Management and analysis of throughput using wireless infrastructure and tags like wrist bands, ID cards, badges, etc.
  • Medical Device Integration: Integration of medical devices like Fitbits with other fitness devices to bring patient data into care delivery cycle
  • Elder Care: Wandering patient tracking to nursing home/hospital engagement and activity monitoring
  • Wearable Technology: Development and promotion of wearable devices, smart watches and fitness bands to give a one-sided picture of the wearer’s health
  • Sportswear Sensors: T-shirts and garments tracking sport effectiveness
  • Remote Monitoring: Continuous patient monitoring into the home setting thereby saving time, money and effort
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR): Collection of meaningful and pertinent patient-generated health data for better care coordination and improved patient engagement
  • Social Media Predictive Analytics: Sleep disorder identification to adverse drug effect interpretation utilizing keywords, location and timestamps of tweets
  • Pre-care: Promotion of IoT enabled mobile hospital services to save millions of threatened lives
  • Mobile Obstetrics Monitoring: Training technicians to visit pregnant ladies regularly and send patient vitals to doctors electronically, thereby ensuring better remote patient care
  • Connected Healthcare: A single secure information management platform ensuring improved patient care, better clinical integration, scalability & sustainability and interoperability & compliance

IoT Use Cases in Education

  • Mobile Learning: Digital collaboration and engagement of teachers and students via a 24/7 accessible education tool
  • School Security: Development of customized lockdown system that is accountable for automatic perimeter safety, immediate notification of authorities, video transmission to police in case of intrusion and more
  • Building Automation: Conserving and managing energy using BLDC motor based fan, energy efficient lights and single remote controlled smart displays like projectors, LEDs, AV systems, etc.
  • Connected Devices: Streamlining life for students with special needs leveraging connected devices synchronized with systems
  • Adaptive Learning: Leveraging technology to design learning plans according to a particular student’s capability, thereby aiming to bring the kid on par with the rest of the class
  • Connected Communication: Excellent opportunity for school children to understand, build and control IoT systems
  • Connected Learning: Receive, acknowledge, reciprocate information, simplifying overall learning experience from eLearning, Institution Effectiveness, Operational Efficiency and Research Management utilizing digital highlighters, mart boards and many more


IoT Use Cases in Travel and Hospitality

  • Product Monitoring: After sale product/service tracking and monitoring
  • Customer Monitoring: Customer status monitoring through wearables and apps
  • Premises Monitoring: Customer experience tracking at business premises
  • Supply Chain Monitoring: Product/Service operations tracking and supervision

IoT Use Cases in Agriculture

  • Plant and Soil Monitoring: Monitoring soil conditions of a plot of federal land, controlling water usage, determining custom fertilizer using sensors
  • Livestock Monitoring: Managing animal husbandry and thereby saving cost utilizing cattle health and well-being data
  • Conservation Monitoring: Monitoring for endangered species to help conservationists protect them
  • Smart Farming: Farm resource savings using wireless sensors and remote monitoring devices
  • Smart Tractors: Tractors with sensors and processors for driver assistance and capability of internet communication for geo-tracking, alert triggering and more

IoT Use Cases for Connected Home

  • Smart Appliances: Connected appliances with remote diagnostics, management and analytics of home control
  • Water Treatment: Tracking water treatment device performance to adjust water usage patterns
  • Fire and Safety: Manage fire safety devices remotely and trigger alerts to neighbours in case of emergency
  • Smart Plug: Running both connected and non-connected devices through mobile apps, thereby adding convenience of remote control
  • Automated Drones: Remote home/office surveillance leveraging unmanned autonomous vehicles or UAVs like drones

IoT Use Cases for Connected Business

  • Smart Lighting: Optimal space illumination ensuring invaluable security and life safety
  • HVAC: Potentiate HVAC with controllers, thermostats and sensors
  • Security and Access Controls: Easy detection of intruders and remote user access management

IoT Use Cases in Automotive

  • Connected Car Systems Monitoring: Promotion of connected cars with features like city navigation, location based services, drive-assist applications, car-on-demand services, remote diagnostics, usage-based insurance and lot more
  • Real Time Fleet Management: Development of end-to-end fleet management and vehicle health & telematics solutions
  • Driver Safety Systems: Highly practical seatbelt usage and driver drowsiness detection solutions that trigger automatic alerts on emergency
  • Smart Driving: Monitoring steering movements and controlling in-lane positions


IoT Use Case in Consumer Electronics

  • Smart House/Smart Office: Achieving building automation through use of connected devices, connected smart appliances and more

IoT Use Cases in Logistics

  • Smart Labels: Real time inventory tracking by speeding up warehouse operations
  • Cargo Integrity Monitoring: Embedding electronics in regular containers and track cargo in its route

IoT Use Cases for Smart Energy

  • Smart Metering: Covers smart meter networks, smart meter data analytics, smart billing and smart energy profiling
  • Smart Grid Automation: Encompasses remote asset monitoring, smart grid load balancing, machine learning based predictive analytics
  • Remote Infrastructure Maintenance: Remote based multi-appliance management solutions development

IoT Use Cases for Smart City

  • Ad-hoc Traffic Balancing: Real time traffic monitoring together with road condition monitoring, passenger load management and incident management
  • Smart Parking: Allotment of empty parking lots in the vicinity through apps
  • Smart Public Safety Systems: Smart street solutions include live city cameras, interactive street signs, smart advertisement boards, car/bike sharing, personal asset tracking
  • Efficient Public Services Tracking: Online anytime anywhere access of public services
  • Ecology Monitoring Solutions: Includes internal climate management through historical data analysis
  • Hope by now, you have correctly figured out the huge scope of IoT both now and in future. Its high time to disrupt business leveraging IoT technology.

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