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Hey guys!!! In my previous Oracle OpenWorld 2016 blog, I asked you all to fasten up your shoe laces and buckle up your belts and get ready for the grand event. Today, I am going to share the present scenario of Oracle OpenWorld 2016. It has set in and is running at its peak. The first two days of Innovation, Collaboration and Entertainment was really big and the next three days is expected to be even bigger. The event kick-started with showcase of path-breaking cloud innovations along with launch of Oracle Database 12c Release 2.

Here comes for you all some new revelations from Oracle OpenWorld 2016 in Larry Ellison’s (CTO, Oracle) words…

  • “Amazon’s lead is over. Amazon is going to have serious competition going forward. And we’re very proud of our second generation of Infrastructure as a Service.”
  • “We have more SaaS applications by a huge margin than any other cloud services provider. We have HCM suite, CRM Suite, Customer Experience Suite plus lots and lots of industry suites as well. And we’re constantly, constantly adding to our footprint.”
  • “Our new second-generation data centers offer twice as many cores as Amazon, twice as much memory as Amazon, four times as much storage as Amazon, and more than 10 times the I/O capacity of Amazon. But you have to be willing to pay less. If you’re not willing to pay less, you can’t place the order.”
  • “Oracle competes at all three levels of the cloud, all three tiers of the cloud.”

Now it’s time to quote what others are saying about Oracle OpenWorld 2016. Let’s get a spoon from the attendees.

Let the event keep going. I will be back with other updates very soon. By then, keep visiting us at booth #3232 to discuss how we help organizations across the globe, transform their business through designing and implementation of Oracle IT solutions. Click here right now to block a 30 minute slot exclusively for you.

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