What is Field Service Automation and How it works?

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Field Service Automation also called Field Service Management is a process where the field workers have direct access to their appointments (work orders) and data from a smartphone or tablet which empowers them to increase number of services attended per day and makes them more productive and efficient.

How Field Service Automation helps in increasing productivity and customer satisfaction?

    1. Absolute workflow dealing with customer’s demands instantly and efficiently will gain an essential requirement of any organization.

When the field workers have access to a customer’s complete work history and preferences and can make valuable service recommendations, everybody wins.
Customers get personal service and field workers are seen as proactive, valuable partners.

With this automation software, organizations can have a comprehensive history of all completed appointments to be evaluated, tracking of staff performance, etc. Thus, such a solution in place will assure that the business runs smoothly.

How Field Service Automation works?

Appointments are presented to the networked organizations from a centralized server. The registered field workers of the organizations are being assigned with the appointments by the admin and the system sends notification to the field workers. Field workers holding the mobile/tablet based applications receive their daily scheduled appointment along with the tasks to be attended for each appointment.

Field worker’s proximity location is found by using GPS for tracking and surveillance. GPS’s accurate time facilitates daily activities such as banking, mobile phones and even the control of power grids by allowing well synchronized hand-off switching. If the field worker’s proximity location is not in the range of the appointments, they will send a request to reassign it to other field worker.

When a field worker checks in using their mobile/tablet, it will send the location details to the Field Service Automation system and the system would be sending the appointments surrounding his/her proximity to the particular location. Field worker would be reaching the location of the appointments scheduled and that location is also tracked with GPS in order to make sure the customer is attended on time and avoid any customer dissatisfaction. Once the task is completed, it can be updated as the status completes.

What are the advantages of Field Service Automation?

While the field service management can be applied in any field depending on the need and use cases required, there are some generic advantages for all that makes this type of solution sought for and helpful for all. Listed below are the advantages of such software and a brief description about it.

Efficient Time Management

Based on the field workers’ availability or proximity in a particular location, Field Service Automation software would be sending them the appointments in those fields. Using their smartphones or tablets, field worker gets access to the customer data which will help them for immediate accessibility thus saving enormous amount of time & energy, both for the technicians and for the manager. Similarly, customer’s query can be instantly converted to appointment to be processed, speeding up the process.

Efficient Coordination

Field workers can get coordinated with each other or with managers for taking care of customer request on real time. They can reassign a task to other field workers with their availability and thus making customers not to wait. Several processes like creating an appointment, details of the customers to be serviced, field worker allocation, reassign to another field worker and reporting the completion and so on, go hand in hand dealing with the customers. Personalized software helps in keeping a track of these processes and maintaining reports and also organizing work.

Centralized Network

With the evolution of Mobile/Tablet based application, various networked organizations are being roomed under one solution. Field Service Automation is a centralized solution with its extended mobile / tablet based application that captures the requirements from the practical perspective of various management services provided by various networked organizations and agencies that utilize the field workers to extend this service to their customers. Benefits of such centralized FSA software are listed below:Extending the support of mobile devices for different customer management in convenience at their location.

Agencies would have easy method to track the field worker services.

Scheduled appointments for the field workers to attend.

Location based login support to track the field workers’ location into the application.

Runtime data update on the centralized servers for field workers job.

Avoids unnecessary calls and manual tracking of field workers and provides a smooth workflow from the organization to field workers and customers.

Interactive Scheduling

Since every field worker’s schedule can be accessed by the back-office admins, they can easily adjust, change schedules and assign time slots without phone calls. Every new job or updated job can be assigned quickly on the fly, that means fitting more jobs into each day and meeting the customers field service needs.

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