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We live in a world where technology paradigm is changing at a rapid pace. Consumers are in total control of what they want from desired products or services. They are armed with mobiles devices and it is now a game changer.

Independent Software Vendors are constantly looking to develop solutions that will help enterprises react to changes in market dynamics. They are looking to develop products that open new lines of revenue while extending the older ones. It’s a cultural shift and these rapid shifts are now part of the culture. To address this change, we need to work with our customers attributing to their current needs and anticipate their future requirements. We have to take mantle of innovation in our own hands so that we can help our clients stay unique.

At ALTEN Calsoft Labs, Innovation Engineering Services are steered by improving customer experience. We put ourselves into the shoes of our end customers to determine knowns and unknowns of a solution. We work with our clients to build business models to ideate, develop and grow solutions that will lead the way. Our approach is simple. We put end customers in the centre of universe. Then we work with our clients to develop a solution that end customers will love.

Proactive Innovation – At ALTEN Calsoft Labs, we constantly listen to movement of technology related tectonic plates. Our Innovation engineers develop business specific use cases which are disruptive. These use cases are then translated into proof of concepts (PoC) that our clients appreciate. These PoCs evolve as full blown products.

On-Demand Innovation – When our clients are looking to respond to changing market conditions, they partner with ALTEN Calsoft Labs to respond to these changes. Our teams work closely in identifying the disruptive areas to create viable solutions.

To respond to On-Demand Innovation, ALTEN Calsoft Labs works with its clients during the seven step journey of product innovation –

  • Ideate – Ideation can happen at multiple levels. It may be a thought to improve the current product or a market need. It can be a problem that you are looking to solve. ALTEN Calsoft Labs works with you to extrapolate the same into a viable technology solution.
  • Choose – Based on the ideation, multiple solution themes are identified. The boundaries defined can be technical, business model associated, organization’s overall market direction related, etc. ALTEN Calsoft Labs partners in selection of solution that will work within the parameters.
  • Develop – Once the idea has been through the following three filters:
    1. Business Filter
    2. Technology Filter
    3. Market Filter
    ALTEN Calsoft Labs works with its clients in developing a solution. The three filters may provide separate information but a combination will lead to a solution which will solve the problem and state the focus of the resources.
  • Respond – Having launched the solution in market, ALTEN Calsoft Labs works with its clients in listening to what the end users are saying. With integration of agile methodology the changes are made quickly and efficiently to stay up-to-date.
  • Grow – The solution is now stabilized in the market. It’s time to grow the market share and beat the competition. ALTEN Calsoft Labs helps its clients stay relevant by providing support on continuous development, integration and maintenance.
  • Scale – During a stage when solution needs to be scaled both in terms of geography and feature set, ALTEN Calsoft Labs works hand in hand on partnering with its clients to support multiple geographies, distributed customer locations and rapid development of new feature sets.
  • Extend – ALTEN Calsoft Labs works with its clients in extending the life of the solution. This is achieved by re-engineering the older solutions, integrating with new technologies, extending on various mobile devices, etc.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs is constantly working with its clients in seeding the innovation at every stage of their development lifecycle. It’s a norm at ALTEN Calsoft Labs, a way of life, a whiff of fresh air that the company breathes every day.

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