Opendaylight Released Lithium SR2

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Opendaylight achieved another milestone by releasing Lithium SR2. In a nutshell the release is bringing us closer to integration with other important building blocks in the overall solution like Openstack and OPNFV. Mainly the recent talk on Openstack and OVSDB demystified is bringing out the realization of use cases by integrating SDN Controller, Openstack and OPNFV.

Service Function Chaining provides the ability to define an ordered list of a network services like firewalls, which are then stitched together in the network to create a service chain. This feature has been integrated with Group Based Policy which is one of the intent programming. Performance and Scalability improvements including MD-SAL clustering based on Akka framework is another important aspect to note. Many use cases testing from integration test team, made sure we are talking about production grade software. tweet

Neutron and OVSDB services are gaining traction. This has been migrated to MD-SAL. Apart from performance and stability improvements it has been enhanced for feature parity with Neutron, helping in integration and realizing end to end use cases. Openflowplugin has been restructured in order to move openflow specific models from controller to plugin module along with necessary network service functions. Also, support has been added for role request message to convey the role of particular controller to a particular switch.

New southbound plugins have been introduced into the release like SNMP plugin. Many of the projects migrated to MD-SAL and integrated with other networking products required in the overall solution. Another interesting improvement is enhancing support IoT. Mainly IoTDM (Internet of things data management) a middleware helping M2M communications wherein the authorized applications can retrieve the IoT data uploaded by the devices.

One could say Opendaylight clearly brought out the intent to mature itself by focusing on integration to provide end to end production grade solution rather than restricting to standalone educational networking product. Networking industry started to realize solutions involving SDN Controller with Openstack and OPNFV, as the scope of SDN is spanning across Datacenters, Service Provider Networks and Transport Networks. Merges and Collaborations among networking vendors in the area of SDN are hinting huge SDN deployments in 2016 rather than just getting restricted to POCs. This in turn is going to raise the quality bar on upcoming Beryllium release.

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