Agile practice: The Competitive Advantage for a Digital age

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Agile development practices have steadily risen to become a trusted and preferred mode of development for software teams globally. Using agile, organizations can respond to market changes faster, deliver higher quality software, and gain a significant competitive edge. IDC estimates that the worldwide market for agile application life cycle management tools will more than double in revenue between 2014 and 2017.

Agile scaling and transformation helps organizations immensely in improving product quality, enhance customer satisfaction, improve organizational business processes and efficiency. Agile development offers an enterprise wide lightweight framework for delivering exceptional business value, leveraging traits such as closed loop feedback process, customer focus, transparency, and improved predictability.

According to PwC, internal benchmarks, agile software development offers big benefits across multiple areas in the digital age.

  • Time to Market: Improves by 18-20%
  • Productivity: Improves 14-95%
  • Cost: Reduces costs by 7%-29%
  • Employee satisfaction: Improves by 20%-40%

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