Connected Healthcare − A Time for New Perspective

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An IDC source says that healthcare industry is one of the highly ranked industries for year-over-year growth and five year compound annual growth rates with a worldwide average of 7% growth. There has been a great push for harnessing technology to provide quality patient care while reducing the steep, rising healthcare costs. In addition, Healthcare industry faces multiple challenges in terms of compliance measures, security of patient data and health IT modernization.Connected Healthcare brings a paradigm shift in delivering exceptional quality patient care leveraging modern day technologies like Cloud, Mobility and Big Data. Of late, the industry ecosystem players have embraced it with open arms thus adding a new dimension and bringing in a fresh perspective to care delivery. As a result of technology penetration, we see significant investment along with higher potential of growth in the following areas:

  • Hospital Management Systems
  • Telemedicine Systems
  • Patient Health Records
  • Laboratory Information Systems
  • Cloud based Health Analytics
  • Connected Devices
  • Cloud based RIS/PACS
  • Cloud based EHR/EMR

With cloud gaining more popularity and acceptance, we will witness a new era in cloud enabled connected care delivery in the coming days.

Cloud Enabled Connected Healthcare
Calsoft Labs a pioneer in delivering patient centric, integrated and security compliant health IT solutions has a proprietary framework around “Connected Healthcare” and has implemented following use cases.

  • Provider alerts framework to enable care givers with an update or an adverse event depending on various events configured for a health set up
  • Effective patient wellness programs through an integrated glucometer application that monitors blood sugar and serves as a “Compete Blood-Glucose Management” solution
  • Mobile Nursing Medication chart on tablets and smart phones for providing more timely care with accuracy
  • Remote patient care management that automates the process of care delivery at remote locations
  • Cloud enabled Radiology Information System with an integrated analytics engine for cancer tumor prognosis and cloud based storage for mammogram and FNA images
  • An integrated portal for patients vitals, appointments, payments, reports and medications

It is imperative that healthcare organizations need to show out of the box thinking capability and business agility to provide innovative solutions around “Connected Healthcare” and “Mobility” to fuel the growth journey.

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