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Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) was born out of the innovation to manage the distributed processing of cryptocurrencies. It is now offering the potential to fundamentally transform how businesses work and interact forever by introducing a new level of transparency, privacy, traceability, and security leading to unparalleled levels of efficiency, culminating, most importantly, in trust.

As the perception of Blockchain evolves from a cryptocurrency solution to a transformative distributed ledger technology for business, it quickly becomes clear that the process involves more than just the technology. When solving business challenges with blockchain, companies need a thorough understanding of the industries and processes that are best poised to leverage this breakthrough technology.

Most organizations find it challenging to understand and apply the full power of Blockchain and DLTs to get tangible business results. ALTEN Calsoft Labs brings a value-add approach that integrates both technology expertise and industry expertise helping clients from ideation and strategy, to implementation, and finally to global scale and adoption. Our team is passionate about utilizing technical and industry expertise to help global clients effectively extract real business value by implementing blockchain and DLT across their organization.


Identity Management and Privacy

Privacy of data is a critical factor today when we see organizations collecting all types of data from individuals. Medical data and protection are important especially when considering regulations like HIPPA and GDPR.

Blockchain can maintain the identity of an individual private and allow that individual to maintain their own data and decide who can access it.

Consumer Product Safety

When it comes to consumer product safety especially in food and medicines understanding the provenance of data is paramount. Is the medicine you are about to purchase counterfeit?

Has the food you are about to eat been contaminated? The immutability of data on a Blockchain provides a complete history and origin of all data on the chain.

Tokenized Asset Management

Blockchain has a unique ability to manage ownership of tokens either privately or publicly on its ledgers. This makes Blockchain a great solution for disrupting any transactional process that involves the transfer of ownership.

Real estate and other difficult to transfer assets are now able to be owned and transferred in a much easier way.

Visibility across Supply Chain

Blockchain Technology can greatly aid in Supply Chain management tracking packages and goods all the way from raw material to finished products and sale. In Pharma, this is especially important where the goods often need to maintain temperature as well in a Cold Chain.

With the use of IoT and Machine Learning used with Blockchain, packages can be managed, tracked, and routed intelligently greatly improving the overall life cycle.

Business Consortium Collaboration

Blockchain is an ideal technology when multiple organizations are working together who may or may not have a trusted relationship.

Blockchain provides a distributed and trusted solution that promotes accuracy, reliability, and trust across all parties in the transaction.

Clinical Trial Data Management

The Life Sciences industry has several very powerful use cases for Blockchain including Patient Safety, Patient Privacy, Data Management, Supply Chain and others. Because the Pharma industry is so regulated, the ability to have complete immutability, security, and provenance of data is essential.

This is especially critical in Clinical Trial Data Management where patient safety and accuracy of data is critical.


   Strategy and Consulting

Our Strategy and Consulting practice innovates through a deep understanding of our customer’s industry and business case. Jointly with our customer we (1) educate, (2) develop the business case and (3) develop a proof of concept proving out the concept.

   Blockchain Development

Our development team will take the business concept and turn it into a production product. Our experienced team is skilled in the core Blockchain technologies and an agile development methodology to ensure a smooth development process from beginning to end.

   Enterprise Architecture and Scale

After a successful initial launch, our development, support, and business teams work with our customers to ensure adoption and success. We will monitor usage and adoption of the Blockchain and ensure high performance and scale of the system as transactions and partners grow on your network.


Pharma Clinical Trial Data Management
We developed a Blockchain solution for a Pharmaceutical CRO to provide data management and immutability for clinical data management.

The solution provides the data management of images and study files within an Endpoint Adjudication function allowing sponsors, CROs, sites and labs to easily and securely exchange communications, queries and documents.

The solution is built on an Ethereum platform which provides a robust PBFT consensus engine along with a smart contract that controls all the business logic of the clinical data being exchanged.

Financial Compliance and Due Diligence
We developed a Blockchain strategy for a financial information company.

The solution leveraged a Secure Blockchain Ledger to trust the authenticity of the data with irrefutably secure storage and the reliability to hold up in a court of law.

The solution also provided an Audit Community. The Audit Community will enable a consensus engine across an array of government agencies, audit practitioners, and bounty hunters to provide a dynamic and robust capability of providing an added level of validation and trust to documents on the platform.

The Biopharma Ledger is a blockchain platform that provides data management and clinical solutions for CROs, sponsors, and sites to improve the biopharma processes and data management.

  • Built on an Ethereum platform and includes a sophisticated smart contract to address many core life science use cases including clinical trial data management, patient privacy, safety, consent, supply chain management, data sharing, training records management, and FDA submission.
  • Delivered to our customers as a service that will have a fundamental impact on their business and data ecosystem to bring a new age of transparency, privacy, and traceability.
  • A great example of the depth and expertise of the ALTEN Calsoft Labs team in delivering a platform as a service to the Life Sciences industry.


Alten Calsoft Labs has partnered with pioneering and established technology providers in Blockchain. Together with our partners we can deliver world class Blockchain solutions to our customers.




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