FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) is a framework being developed by HL7 organization which sets global healthcare data standards, rules and patterns to improve the exchange, integration, sharing, and retrieval of health information for over 20 years. FHIR evolved from and preserved the best features of HL7’s earlier standards (V2, V3, and CDA). Importantly, FHIR implementation offers improvements over existing standards, most of which stem from FHIR’s use of modern web technologies that are implementation friendly and already widely adopted while ensuring privacy and security.

FHIR standard concentrates on electronic healthcare information exchange. The FHIR standard uses basic building blocks called “resources” to model healthcare data in a way that is easier for healthcare providers to use and share clinical data as needed without compromising security or violating HIPAA. FHIR is vendor-neutral and can be used as a stand-alone healthcare data standard for information exchange. It can be used in partnership with existing widely used standards also.

At ALTEN Calsoft Labs, we have built an accelerator for RESTful interfaces based on FHIR for healthcare interoperability and customized apps that healthcare providers have needs for.

BonFHIR – FHIR Implementation Framework

FHIR addresses real needs in the market with high emphasis on conformance. Our FHIR implementation framework named BonFHIR helps to build new FHIR API-based digital solutions for healthcare interoperability. Some of our healthcare interoperability use cases include:

  • Observation (Lab) and Diagnostic Reporting (Radiology)
  • Patient Engagement Solutions
  • Medical Device Integrations
  • Financial Resources for Eligibility, Enrolments & Claims Activities
  • Mobile Healthcare Applications
  • Applications for Remote Monitoring Devices & Apps

We can help you simplify FHIR implementation within a short period of time, while preserving data integrity. Your data will be available, discoverable and understandable and we can help you quickly close innovation gaps and move faster to the digital world while maintaining structure and standardization.

Contact us if you’re interested in building or creating pilot projects for FHIR-based solutions. We will work with you right away with our BonFHIR, A FHIR Implementation framework ready for customization to kick start your vision and promote positive health outcomes.

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  • Exchange data without the rigid workflow of traditional HL7
  • RESTful style approach and not dependent on SOAP
  • Focus on healthcare interoperability use cases representing approximately 80% of clinical practice
  • Each resource has predictable URL and where possible, open internet standards are used for data representation


  • Definitions of data types, codes in XML and JSON formats
  • Use of resources using REST
  • Messaging of clinical documents or in a service based architecture
  • List of the resources defined by FHIR healthcare data standard – clinical, administrative and infrastructural resources
  • Transformer which transforms the FHIR format data to the EHR specific data
  • Viewer to view FHIR request / response data
  • Logging of all requests and responses
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