Artificial Intelligence Driven Innovation: The Time To Act Is Now

AI and Machine learning technologies are accelerating automation at lightning pace. The excitement among companies to leverage Artificial Intelligence and associated technologies, to transform business processes, reinventing how they run, compete and innovate is palpable.

Artificial Intelligence : An Overview

The current AI wave is poised to finally break through enterprises and is making the landfall at an opportune time. Leveraging highly skilled data scientists and professionals, ALTEN Calsoft Labs is on the cusp of transforming into an AI company. We are weaving AI to our customers’ business processes to help them achieve cost optimization, efficiencies, agility, and most importantly, deliver continuous value.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs applies deep domain expertise in AI technologies to uncover unmet needs of enterprises and solve some of their toughest problems.


We help customers build cognitive CoE, focused on evangelizing cognitive technologies, leadership, best practices and support to implement AI solutions

Our machine learning services analyze huge data and unlock its true potential, improve operational efficiencies and reduce operational risks

Our visual text analytics services help customers derive value from unstructured data leveraging the combined power of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning

Cutting edge services based on object detection, classification/recognition and tracking, optical character recognition (OCR), face recognition, and content-based image retrieval (CBIR)

We have successfully delivered 20+ RPA implementations, automated more than 200 business processes for healthcare, retail, insurance and financial companies

We have proven expertise in developing and programming robots and drones to capture images, maps, models, and analyze data across diverse industries

Text Analytics and AI Agent framework

ALTEN Calsoft Labs has developed a scalable, enterprise ready AI Agent, that seamlessly integrates with enterprise applications using RESTful APIs.Built using industry standard, commercial and opensource technologies, the agent trains and builds the models quickly and efficiently. We have built multiple use cases addressing specific needs of the industry viz.

  • Use NLP/NLU to annotate text, arrive at sentiment and summarize
  • Automate mundane tasks like customer/tech support to deliver personalized customer service through Facebook, Slack and Skype messengers
  • Online shopping Assistant for the customer queries
  • Healthcare AI Agent to provide health tips and suggestions based on life style and health needs
  • Enterprise AI agent for sharing company info, policy and FAQs to employees


Virtual Travel Agents

An AI driven NLP based Travel  Agent that helps Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), Airline companies to engage meaningful conversations with their customers to help them search for flights and hotels. The agent answers simple customer queries using a conversational language, providing users a personalized, interactive experience.

Ball Balancing Robot

We have developed a model and a controller for a Ball-Balancing Robot to make it balance and move around as a demonstrator and office assistant. Leveraging an extensive knowledge and skills in mechatronics system and robots design and development, we have helped global technology, R&D organizations in areas such as Mechanical, Electrical and Control engineering.

Healthcare AI

AI enabled Healthcare innovation CoE to provide quicker and accurate personalized healthcare solutions

Some of the solutions developed for our customers include:

  • AI powered diagnostics using patient’s unique history to flag of potential health risks
  • Leverage predictive analytics to reduce patient re-admission rates
  • Medical Imaging diagnostics to aid radiologists

Retail AI 

Retailers are investing in deep learning use cases to anticipate and predict customers’ intentions well in advance. There are emerging trends among retailers to leverage AI and Machine learning. We have helped retailers tag every visitor using face recognition technology and determine demographic information through machine learning. Using machine learning techniques such as Regression analysis, predictive models and effective data visualization, our solution can build a customer persona, thus helping retailers in:

  • Designing right set of products and promotions
  • Robust Merchandizing strategy
  • Tablet or mobile smart agents for store associates



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