Transformation with acceleration.

Agile software development should ideally be a seamless upgradation that takes an enterprise through the desired transformation. All the resources have to be utilised together to attain objectives.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ end to end agile advisory, transformation and training services have helped more than 50 Fortune 100 companies with largest depth and breadth of agile methodology training & coaching, proven enterprise wide agile transformations and agile project/program portfolio management.


Enterprise Agile

We ensure a smooth and streamlined agile transition for your organisation, so that the operational flow is never affected, but gradually perfected.

  • Organizational Assessment to determine agile vision and define scope
  • Enterprise Transformation Planning and Agile Implementation
  • Augment your teams with Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Project Managers, Program Managers, Portfolio Managers, Business Analysts, and Solution Architects
  • Enterprise Agile Governance and Scaling
  • Agile Management Software and Tools Optimization
Agile Coaching
& Training

We hold concurrent experience and expertise in technical practices, software development, regulated environment and global coverage required for effective Agile coaching and training.

  • Expertise in Agile Technical Practices; viz., TDD, CI, GIT, XP. DEVOPS
  • Expertise in Agile software Development Tools for Build, Deploy, Bug Tracking, and Test Automation
  • Experience in regulated Environments viz., FDA, HIPAA, SEC, and Government
  • Global coverage, with coaches or partners in every major region and regional coaches and trainers across North America
Agile Transformation –
Our Differentiators

Experience, expertise and efficiency are the key factors that distinguish us. Our proven thought process has been developed through people, process and technology.

  • 10+ years of Enterprise Agile consulting and Transformation experience with sharp focus on Agile People, Processes and Technology
  • Modular role based training approach with in-house Agile library
  • Proven Agile Thought Leadership with Portfolio, Governance and Enterprise scaling frameworks
  • Strong in-house consultants(agile coaches, agile integration experts, solution architects, project and portfolio management and developers) with varied industry and technology experience
  • Industry standard agile technology tools experience for Development, Build and Testing
Enterprise Agile
Transformation Accelerators

We implement an effective framework of tools and methods to assure in continuous agile development.

  • An enterprise agile model for effective large-scale Scrum implementation
  • Enterprise Agile Learning CoE framework to ensure Agile continuous learning
  • A framework that provides tools needed to develop new agile processes to meet new challenges
  • An in-house mathematical model to depict Agile ROI when compared to traditional software development models


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