We are helping French people to build their career

and extend their stay in U.S.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs Process:

  • For French nationals currently employed in the U.S
    French nationals currently employed in the U.S and whose visa (H1B, J1,L1,B1) is about to expire can take our employment; and we deploy them back to their original employer after sponsoring their E-2 Visa and signing a consulting agreement with the employer.


  • French Citizens in Foreign Country, other than U.S.
    The process is same as above. We will sign an agreement with the prospective employer/customer and employ them (after sponsoring the E-2 visa); to deploy them as our consultant to work for the client.

Document requirements for paperwork initiation:

  • A valid passport (valid for at least six months) for the principal applicant
  • Copy of Resume
  • Copies of Diplomas & Transcripts
  • Name of Institution for Highest Level of Study
  • Year of Highest Level of Study
  • Copies of experience verification letters from prior and current employer
  • Copies of 3 most recent pay stubs from current employer

How We Can Help In Your American Career

We, ALTEN Calsoft Labs can help you to get VISA and you will be able to continue with any employer of your choice.

There are many ways one can get a U.S. work Visa. One way is to get your U.S. Visa funded by a French company. It is well and good if you already know any of such companies. But these companies are infrequent. One such company is ALTEN Calsoft Labs, an ALTEN Group of Company, which help you get a U.S. work Visa and allow you to extend your stay in the U.S.

For citizens of France like you, ALTEN Calsoft Labs(ACL) sponsors E2 visa which is a type of U.S. work visa, that enables French citizens to work in U.S. as a non-investor employee of ALTEN Calsoft Labs.

ALTEN (A French Product engineering and technology consulting company) has made a significant investment on ALTEN Calsoft Labs Inc (a 100% owned U.S. enterprise). ACL has successfully helped companies in USA to retain their French employees and qualified French citizens to pursue their career in U.S.

Why To Choose ACL

Quick and Easy

Safe & Secure

Only French Citizens Can Apply

Regular Phone & Email Support

If your U.S. visa is expiring and you are struggling
to get one, reach out to us!!

Frequently Asked Questions

I am now in the US in H-1, F-1, or L-1 status, can I apply for E-2 Employee visa?

Yes, as long as you are a citizen of a treaty country and meet the requirement of the E-2  visa, you sure can apply for this flexible status. As a matter of fact, ACL has helped many people change their status from H-1, F-1, or L-1 to E-2 status or visa.

Do I need to have business experience to qualify for E-2 Employee visa?

To secure your E-2 visa it is always helpful to have relevant business experience. However, if you have a good business plan clearly outlining your ideas from all business perspectives like operations, marketing, and finances showing your precise planning and preparation, you can overcome the deficit of lack of experience.

Do I have to come to the US to apply for E-2 Employee visa?

No, if you are a national of a treaty country and residing outside of the US, or if you are in the US but do not wish to apply for change of status in the US, you may apply for your visa through an embassy or consulate.

How long can I stay in the US with E-2 Employee visa?

Initially, a two-year visa is granted to persons coming to the United States in the E category. However, this period can be extended indefinitely as long as the underlying investment is in existence and the E-2 enterprise remains operational.

What are the requirements for an E-2 Employee visa extension?

You must be able to show that you have maintained the terms and conditions of your E-2 status; and that you have been physically present in the United States at the time of filing the application for extension of stay.

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Success Stories

  • Enables Faster Results Utilizing SocialNet, gave me output in 5 minutes that would have taken 2 months to manually produce.

    Customer FBI
  • Facilitates Investigative Processes Malnet and Socialnet,allow for unparalleled pivoting, malicious infrastructure detection and categorization, and attribution.

    Eyal Sela Cyber Analyst, Clearsky
  • Augments Team Capabilities SocialNet has been incredibly valuable for our social media-related investigations.

    Matteo Tomasini Director, K2 Intelligence
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