Virtual WLAN Controller


ALTEN Calsoft Labs offers a Virtual WLAN Controller framework based on “centralized control, distributed forwarding” model for lightweight management and authentication of Wi-Fi services. We address scalability challenges and eases BYOD administration in wireless networks leveraging wireless controllers. The centralized control effectively provides a single window for AP and WLAN Network Management. Our framework has an integrated orchestration feature that allows control of access points across multiple sites through wireless access point controllers.

Virtual WLAN (vWLAN) Controllers enable network performance optimization and centralized control of wireless deployments for both enterprise customers and subscribers with reduced hardware costs. For business services, it can be deployed in the form of a physical appliance on your premises or as a Virtual Network Function (VNF) that operates in your existing virtual environments (such as VMware or KVM). For subscriber services, it is typically deployed as a cloud-hosted application in a service provider’s data center. Our Wiress controller framework has an integrated orchestration feature that enables automated service provisioning, service fulfilment and end-to-end service quality assurance. It offers scale elasticity, management through wireless access point controllers.

Unique Value Proposition

  • Intel® DPDK optimized for high performance
  • Can be managed by any ETSI MANO compliant NFV orchestrators
  • Supports different virtualization architectures (LXC/Para/Full Virtualization)
  • Can be deployed on different Linux and Hypervisor distributions (KVM/VMware/Xen)
  • Backed by ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ Product Engineering and Systems Integration services


  • Basics
    • Automatic AP Firmware Upgrades
  • Plug and Play Setup
    • Automatic AP Discovery
    • Radio and BSS Configuration
    • RF parameters of channel & transmit power level
    • Local VLAN
  • RF Management
    • Automated RF Optimization
    • Dynamic Transit Power Control
  • Configuration
    • Template based AP Configuration
    • AP Load Balancing
    • Wireless Access Point Controllers
    • Dynamic channel Selection
  • Management
    • Web-based GUI Support
    • Customized CAPWAP
    • SNMP and Enterprise MIB based Manageability
  • Mobility
    • Inter-subnet Mobility
    • Fast Roaming Support
  • Reporting
    • Comprehensive Statistics
  • Security
    • Shared Key Authentication
    • 1x Authentication for WEP, WPA and WPA2
    • MAC based Authentication
    • VLAN Security
    • Rogue AP Detection


  • Distributed data forwarding for minimum latency
  • Centralized control for easy network support and monitoring
  • Client load balancing leveraging wireless controllers
  • Simultaneous support for all 802.11 security types
  • Captive portal for guest users


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