Communication Framework


ACL’s Chat Framework for Mobile Applications – Qupid Chat

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ Chat framework is a smart mobile application framework for one to one chat via Video/Audio and text chat via AppRTC server and openfire XMPP server. This communication application is also capable of identifying the user online and offline status from the server notification. The same status will be indicated and displayed in the users’ list.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ Chat framework is designed to run on mobile devices and all the browsers without any compatibility issues. The challenging task is to make the application to work without Cross domain restrictions and communicate with a AppRTC and openfire XMPP server that fetches data from various databases and pushes it to the application. It has got a Real time Camera that does video streaming.

ACL Chat Framework

ACL Chat framework is a smart mobile application framework with Audio/Video and text chat features that can be integrated into any other mobile applications which need Audio/Video and/or Text chat feature.

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The Chat framework features:

Audio/ Video Calling

  • Initiate Video/Audio Call to other available users in the application
  • Identifies if other users are online or offline
  • Hang Up / Toggle Camera

Text Chat

  • Text chat with other available users in the application
  • File sharing through the chat window
  • Integration with other applications
  • Easily pluggable with other applications
  • Server modules can be hosted and easily integrated with other backend applications

Integration details and Technology Stack

  • Pluggable Android SDK module
  • The Chat framework Android plugin is easily integrated to any Cordova based Hybrid mobile application.

Technology Stack:

  • Tools: AngularJS, Brackets
  • Platform/ Technologies: Ionic Framework, Apache Cordova
  • Database: SQLite, SQLite Browser
  • Frameworks & Plugins: AppRTC (Audio/Video Chat)
  • Open fire (Text Chat)Apache Cordova Plugins
  • Operating Systems: Android 4.0 and above






  • Hybrid mobile platform:     Made of ionic framework, angularJS, Apache Cordova, JavaScript and HTML
  • Camera Operations:    While the video streaming is online, it can flip to camera without dropping the ongoing call
  • Seamless Video Streaming:    It has sharp and good quality video streaming
  • Video/Audio chat:    It has open source AppRTC server for audio as well as video chat
  • Text Chat:    It has open source XMPP server for text chatting
  • Easily pluggable:    With any mobile application, it is easily pluggable.