Cloud VPN Gateway


ALTEN Calsoft Labs provides a carrier grade Cloud VPN Gateway framework that simplifies VPN Deployments for enterprises. The platform offers standards based IPsec VPN services and management functionality with significantly higher performance as compared to legacy Cloud VPN Gateway appliances. Our framework addresses network service providers’ need, to deploy a future proof, scalable, carrier-grade IPsec VPN Gateway infrastructure that delivers breakthrough performance on industry standard X86 hardware. The framework has been architected to leverage Intel DPDK to deliver up to 25x performance gain in packet processing on IA, and extensively tested on commonly available servers with Intel Xeon processors.

A Cloud VPN Gateway solution is used to provide VPN connectivity to Wi-Fi users or wired residential/enterprise broadband subscribers. It forms an integral part of a Virtual CPE solutions with the addition of Firewall, VNF Manager, VNF Orchestrator, IDS/IPS and other services along with the IPsec VPN Gateway.


  • VNF Development


  • VNF Benchmarking and Performance Tuning

  • VNF Porting and Testing

  • Architecture, design & development of Virtual CPEs
  • Intel DPDK based optimization for high performance
  • Support for different virtualization architectures (LXC/Para/Full Virtualization)
  • Support for different virtual environments (VMware/KVM/Xen)
  • Design and development of FCAPS and VNF lifecycle management framework
  • Development of VNF packages for a service deployment
  • Implement Network Services lifecycle management features
  • Integrate and validate with third-party NFV orchestrators or legacy NMS/OSS
  • Performance Benchmarking in Enterprise/Telco cloud environments
  • Performance improvements with Intel DPDK based optimization
  • Fast path optimization using offloading techniques
  • Porting of Virtual CPE from custom silicon to standard x86 platform
  • Migration of Virtual CPE across different hypervisors/OS environments
  • Testing Virtual CPE using industry leading test tools/equipments


  • Layer 3 IPsec VPN Features
    • Site to site and Remote Access VPN
    • IKE V1 and V2
    • Diffie Hellman Group 2
    • AES and DES Implementation
    • MD5 and SHA1 Enforcement
    • Virtual Routing and Fprwarding
    • SNAT
  • Management Features
    • OpenStack Orchestrator
    • Role based Administration
    • Monitoring and Reporting Capabilities
    • Application Usage Statistics
    • Syslog


  • 90% Reduced CapEx
  • 90% Reduced OpEx
  • COTS Platform
  • Highly flexible Cloud VPN Gateway with easy product upgrades