System Engineering


ALTEN Calsoft Labs has strong expertise in device driver development, testing and certification for MS Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms. Our company has executed various device driver development in storage, printer, USB drivers for MS Windows and Linux.

Our Service Offerings:

  • Custom Device Driver Development
  • Device Driver Programming
  • Porting existing drivers to new platforms
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer Development & Porting for different OS
  • Standard Compliance & Certification
  • Microsoft WHQL Standards – based DCT, DTM, HCK, USB Interoperability
  • Packaging for certification & releases
  • Biometric Solutions


  • Printing and Imaging

  • Device Drivers

  • POS Solutions

  • Desktop Apps

  • Biometric Solutions for Enterprises

ALTEN Calsoft Labs has been working with leading Printing & Imaging companies in simplifying and supporting seamless integration of various printer families in their business environment, thus Increasing throughput and simplifying operations.

The company has vast experience in device driver development and device driver programming. Our professionals have expertise in Designing & Prototyping using frameworks like WDF, KMDF, DDK, APDK, CUPS & QT., GDI, PostScript & Plotter Drivers, Universal (Unidrv) & XPS Drivers, Version 3 Drivers (XP, Windows 8/2012) and Version 4 (Windows 8/2012).

  • GDI, PostScript and Plotter Drivers
    • Monolithic as well as GPD based printer drivers for various vendors
    • Framework for developing drivers for Postscript printers
    • Plotter drivers for HPGL and non-HPGL plotters
  • Universal (Unidrv) and XPS Drivers
    • Microsoft’s framework for developing non-postscript printer drivers (including PCL)
    • Series of filters for processing XPS spool file content for print processing
  • Version 3 Drivers (XP, Windows 8/2012)
    • Monolithic Printer Drivers (customized GDI based driver and user interface DLLs)
    • GPD based mini drivers (customized UI and rendering plug-ins)
    • Spooler Components for Custom Print Processors, Language Monitors & Port Monitors
  • Version 4 (Windows 8/2012)
    • GPD files and JavaScript constraints for print features, options and Print Ticket/Print Capabilities conversions
    • XPS filters to convert between XPS to PDL formats
    • Printer Extension and notification applications
  • CUPS Drivers (Linux and MAC)
    • CUPS PPD files and raster filters
    • CUPS Backend for USB, serial, parallel, Ethernet, Bluetooth and Wireless

ALTEN Calsoft Labs has executed various device driver development in storage, printer, USB drivers for MS Windows and Linux.

  • Storage Class Drivers
    • Storage Class filter drivers for filtering and modifying driver data
  • Printer Drivers
    • Printer drivers for thermal printers, monochrome/color printers and plotters
    • Printer drivers based on HP-APDK for embedded and handheld devices
    • Monolithic printer drivers
  • USB Drivers (WDM & KMDF)
    • USB drivers for handling terminal device classes, mass storage supporting full featured Plug and Play and Power Management
  • Filter Drivers
    • File systems filter drivers for monitoring file system events and providing guaranteed I/O for applications
  • WDM Drivers
    • Drivers complying with WDM standards supporting Plug and Play and Power Management
  • Miniport Drivers
    • SCSI mini-port driver for disk devices, CD ROMs and Video miniport drivers for Mirror and Extended Desktop
  • Display Drivers
    • Display driver for Mirror and Extended Desktop

ALTEN Calsoft Labs has vast experience in design and developing POS solutions for POS devices like printers, Barcode scanners, Coin dispensers, etc.

  • MS POS Development: Implemented POS using MS POS .Net Framework for printers and scanners
  • UPOS Development: Implemented POS for Linux and Mac OS X suing Java POS for label printers and scanners

Our POS framework based on UPOS Specification, is compatable with MS windows and Linux. The framework helps in developing Quick POS for devices like printers, barcode readers, coin dispensers, etc.

ALTEN Calsoft labs has designed and implemented desktop apps like device configuration utilities, label designers with state of the art user experience. We have good experience in design and development of Desktop Apps on all platforms like MS Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

  • Configuring Utility: Designed and Implemented apps for devices like storage devices, printers, network devices and biometric devices
  • Labels Designers: Designed and Implemented apps for Label Printers, ID card Printers to design ID cards
  • Client/Server Apps: Designed and Implemented apps for complex client server apps for biometric devices


ALTEN Calsoft Labs has expertise in implementing Biometric based forensic solutions for Enterprises. We have developed a secure framework for enterprises that can be customized for enterprises, especially sectors like Education, Test Administration, Financial Institutions and large Retail Outlets. The company has good experience in designing and development of biometric solutions for fraud detection and reporting. One of our fraud detection solution is a cloud based finger print scanner.