Independent Testing


In a connected world where competitory benefits hang on user experience on top of sole individual applications, traditional independent testing models lack relevance. Current software testing environments ensure a seamless user experience and business process persistence across a wide network of business applications, mobile devices, smart devices, media channels and development environments.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs, a trusted and reliable technology partner for global organizations, has been providing business aligned Independent Testing and QA transformation services reining the power of its own customized CMMi and TMMi compliant methodologies and frameworks that:d

  • Enable test innovation and integration leveraging SMAC (Social – MobileAnalytics – Cloud) technologies
  • Deliver measurable improvements in quality, faster TTM (Time-to-Market), cost effectiveness and more efficient IT operational processes
  • Help businesses achieve quality and business transformation

We at ALTEN Calsoft Labs think beyond functional test automation by mapping test requirements to the business needs of your clients. Our scalable and modularized software testing framework meets the demand of application agility, quality assurance, test automation and continuous testing. Several accelerators are utilized to design agile test strategies, that satisfies the customer requirements of digital testing, mobile testing, cloud testing, data testing, security testing, ERP testing, performance testing, manual testing and automation testing services.

Our concept to market automation testing services have helped our customers with:

  • Higher Return on QA Investment: We help customers save up to 40% in direct staff cost and another 10-20% in associated costs through our unique HAT (Hybrid Agile Testing) model.
  • Pay as you go Model for Test Infrastructure: With our Cloud based testing lab, customers can now pursue test automation without any upfront investment in testing tools & infrastructure.
  • Shorter Revenue Realization Cycle: TaaS (Testing as a Service) can help customers reduce TTM with the complete usage of additional skilled resources and test automation.
  • Improved Efficiency: TaaS built on formal and proven testing methodologies rather than heuristic or experiential techniques,identifies, generates, and executes test cases. These formal methodologies provide enhanced test coverage and defect identification resulting in quality betterment.

Why Choose our Independent Testing Services?

Our independent testing organization’s focus primarily centres around the following quatern of objectives.

  • Customer Focus: We delight the customer by delivering projects that perfectly matches the Service Level Agreement.
  • Continuous Competency Development: With a continuous R&D support from practice group, we build functional domain competency and develop new IP, frameworks and accelerators.
  • Operational Excellence: We are accountable for the quality service that we deliver. Our seamless workflow exploits the global delivery model. We regularly ramp up our resources to ensure deployment flexibility.
  • Engagement Models: ALTEN Calsoft Labs offers flexible engagement models depending on clients requirements, as mentioned below.
    • Extended Test team
    • Project Based Engagement
    • Managed Services 

Our Unique Differentiators:

ALTEN Calsoft Labs has a team of 200+ dedicated test professionals who work in a flexible delivery and contractual mode. Our expertise in leveraging low cost Open Source testing tool alternatives and other specialized areas of independent testing and tools allow us to develop Test Automation Frameworks and Accelerators. Our QA solutions span throughout the SDLC based on TMMi framework. We manage Measurable Metrics – Scorecard for product quality and health along with reusable repository of test cases, scenarios, and validation libraries. 

Our Value Proposition:

We at ALTEN Calsoft Labs take over SLA Driven Engagement and guarantee Y-o-Y Productivity Improvements. We drive your concept to completion leveraging our domain based test cases & proprietary frameworks and varied software testing tools expertise.

Our Offerings

  • Enterprise Application Testing

  • Test Consulting

  • Specialized Testing

  • Tools and Environment Services

  • SMAC Testing

We at ALTEN Calsoft Labs think beyond functional testing automation by mapping test requirements to the business needs of your clients. Our scalable and modularized software testing framework meets the demand of application agility, quality assurance, test automation and continuous testing.

  • Functional Testing
    • Business Process Testing
  • Specialized Testing
    • SOA Testing
    • Test Automation
    • Performance Testing
    • Security Testing

Consulting services that can help you jumpstart your test automation goes here.

  • Test Automation Consulting: Our experts deliver clear recommendations towards approach, tools and methodology leveraging sample test cases. We stand out of the crowd because of our early visibility to automation visibility and ROI.
  • Test Management Consulting: Our experts give clear recommendations towards reducing cost of quality, streamlining / standardizing test processes based on Managed Testing Model and Test Maturation Model (TMM).
  • Test Automation: Our SLA driven engagement aims at increased customer satisfaction, streamlined operations, defect detection efficiency, maximum test coverage, higher percentage of automated test scripts and manual test effort reduction. Our comprehensive approach to a full-fledged development project through a ROI driven model with automation assessment focus on automation robustness.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs track and validate full regulatory compliance with digital accessibility laws, regulations and standards.

  • Performance Engineering and Testing: We have expertise in executing performance engineering engagements across complex, multi-platform environments for several software product companies as well as enterprises.
    • End-to-end Performance Testing – Load Testing, Stress Testing, Volume Testing, Endurance Testing, Spike Testing, Scalability Testing and Capacity Planning
    • Testing on a innovative “Shared Services Model”
    • Virtualized Test Lab Infrastructure
  • Security Testing/OWASP: We have experience in executing several projects for OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) compliance. ALTEN Calsoft Labs has built an accelerator based on OWASP compliance standards which will help customers jump start their OWASP compliance initiative.
    • 500+ Pre- built test cases to address the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities
    • Tool-based testing approach (Webscarab) to identify vulnerabilities
    • Complete SDLC approach for end-to-end OWASP compliance
  • Usability and Accessibility Testing: Our usability and accessibility testing services include:
    • Validate & Gap Analysis
    • Standards and Best Practices Development
    • Plan and Schedule Development


Our testing tools and test environment services include:

  • Software Testing Tool Evaluation & Setup
  • Dedicated Virtual Lab
  • Independent Testing Tools and Frameworks
  • Framework Design and Customization
  • Mobile Testing: Mobile Testing should ensure that applications work accurately on all types of devices, equipped by major brands, and across platforms. The screen size of the devices changes constantly. The usability and user experience testing is quite critical. Independent Testing also ensures that mobile apps are secured from intruders and fraudsters.

The commonly employed mobile testing services are:

  • Security Testing
  • Certification Testing
  • Usability testing
  • Installation testing
  • Browser Performance Testing
  • Service Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Cloud Testing: ALTEN Calsoft Labs conducts software testing services in a cloud environment (on-premise/on Demand). We offer testing as a service (Testing as a Service).  The key cloud testing services we follow for our customers are:
  • Stress Testing and Fault Injection
  • Performance & Load Testing
  • Capacity Testing
  • Scalability Testing
  • Fall-over Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Browser Performance Testing
  • Latency Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Analytical Testing: Organizations need to have robust test offerings like – Big data, business intelligence (BI) and data testing to validate structured and unstructured data in various databases and business intelligence analytics applications. Different testing techniques like functional and non-functional testing are necessary for testing such applications. The testing services we offer in analytics platforms help to identify coding and requirement related issues and bottlenecks in performance.  Services include:
  • Usability Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing


Our customizable open source automation testing framework works for diverse industry verticals and ensures superior quality and faster quality product launch. We incorporate measures for Quality management, Change Management and Capability Improvement and henceforth, have a comprehensive experience in end-to-end independent testing with high performance, scalable and future-proof enterprise applications.