Software Product Engineering


The current technological advances are forcing software product Engineering companies to meet customers’ demand by increasing faster product release cycle as many software products are delivered on the cloud i.e. Software as a Services (SaaS). This results in many leaders to think of collaboration internally as well as with offshore product development partners to build a global engineering software product ecosystem to remain competitive.

Our Software Product Engineering Services

With 20+ years of software product engineering experience, ALTEN Calsoft Labs looks forward to assist organizations gain a competitive advantage leveraging emerging technologies to drive innovation, handle scalability and explore new markets. Concentrating on Mobile, Cloud and Social technologies, we help you speed up business transformation through smart, safe & secure and connected experience across enterprise application Integration platforms, end user solutions, data center technologies and IoT.

We at ALTEN Calsoft Labs provide high impact software product engineering services leveraging infrastructure and revolutionary engagement models that assist clients launch new products faster, manage unparalleled customer experience, enhance product lifecycles, and exploit market conditions.

Our software product development/product engineering services span across the entire product lifecycle starting from product design, product development, product testing, product migration, product re-engineering, product sustenance to product maintenance and support.

Our Software product Engineering helps you:

  • Create an unmatched value proposition through SaaS in an accelerated time frame
  • Maximize Web 2.0 Impact
  • Ensuring a client’s product success with ground-breaking outcome-based engagements


  • Software Product Development

  • Software Testing Services

  • Software Maintenance and Support

  • Software as a Service

  • Software Product Engineering
    • Software Product Ideation
    • Software Product Architecture
    • Software Product Design
    • Software Product Development
    • Software Product Testing and QA
  • Migration and Porting
  • Technical Support
  • Sustaining Engineering
  • Professional Services
  • Functional Test
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • Agile Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Cloud Testing Services
  • Mobile Testing
  • Specialized Testing
    • Cross Browser Testing
    • Performance
    • Security
    • Domain Based Testing
  • Sustenance Engineering
  • Bug Fixing
  • Product based Service Extension, like White labeling
  • Rapid Product Deployment
  • Increased CSAT
  • SaaS Business Solutions
  • SaaS Enablement
  • SaaS Product Engineering
  • SaaS Consulting
  • Hosting Services
  • Infrastructure Management



Our groundbreaking iOS app integrates online charts and patient medical records thus offering a platform for connected and holistic care delivery.

Leverage our remote patient monitoring application to provide patients an improved and convenient supervision.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ native Android application helps patients measure and record glucose levels using a handy kit through serial port connection.