Agile Development


To gain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic business environment and rein in costs, the best way is to adopt the principles of Agile Development, Maintenance, Support and Consulting. It is imperative that organizations need to have an end-to-end, scalable, agile implementation framework, comprising of agile advisory, agile training & foundation planning, agile applications development, agile change and technology management board to succeed.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs provides predictable, optimized, low-risk, high-quality agile development , agile testing and maintenance services to top-notch organizations. Leveraging around 25 years of industry and technology experience, our Agile Consulting services drive enterprise IT agility, successful execution of distributed agile projects, and enable digital transformation. We assure lower IT costs, greater productivity and fewer defects.

Agile Development Services

  • Agile App Development

  • Agile Application Management

  • Agile Application Maintenance and Support

  • Agile Application Modernization

  • Agile Training and Coaching

  • Production Support
  • Continuous Application Monitoring for Availability & Performance
  • IT Service Management
  • Network Management
  • Data Center Management
  • Network, Systems and Security
  • New Feature Enhancements
  • Bug Fixing
  • IT Service Desk
  • Agile Training
  • Agile Consulting
  • Infrastructure Consolidation
  • Agile Solutions for Portfolio Analysis and Optimization
  • Release Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Patch Management
  • Sustenance
  • Business Need Assessment
  • Agile Adoption Readiness Assessment
  • Agile Maturity Level Assessment
  • Application Capability Assessment
  • PoC Development
  • Migration of Legacy Source Code
  • UI Reengineering
  • Web Enablement of Legacy Application
  • Independent Testing
  • Artifact Implementation
  • Agile 101
  • Team Jumpstart
  • Scrum Master Training
  • Dedicated Delivery Manager
  • Two-in-a-Box Agile Coaching

Agile Success Stories