Retail industry aspires to think different and work better through proper understanding of customers. They aim to offer a cohesive experience across all available channels. ALTEN Calsoft Labs redefines the path retail companies gain from global services. We focus on meeting shopper expectations along with retail supply chain restructuring. Our company also provides the retail industry a myriad of online retail services that streamline store management, inventory management, vendor management and even supplier relationship management.

We at ALTEN Calsoft Labs extend your retail experience beyond boundaries and integrate stores on web and mobile to provide prompt, consistent and quality service. We assure increase in productivity by connecting multiple facets of an online retail business process and deriving real-time insights on customer demands through retail analytics.


Department Stores

We assist department stores maximize profits and smoothen customer service leveraging effective store management solutions. We efficiently use inventory management systems to meet the varying demands amidst escalated competition and complex supply chain. Our company optimizes merchandizing, increases supply chain effectiveness and creates regular reports on product mix forecasts for improved retention.

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Speciality Retailers

Our company helps speciality retailers address the future of shopping by delivering concepts and solutions for in-store selling through social networks. Our SMAC technology-enabled business transformation services eases the path of speciality retailers to succeed in a highly competitive market dominated by super markets, discount stores and online retailers.

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Food Sellers

We at ALTEN Calsoft Labs offer retail IT services even to the grocers. We help optimize cost, manage inventory and deploy next generation POS systems to ensure better customer experience.

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In-Store Customer Analytics

We help the retail industry by providing real time actionable insights which in turn derives business intelligence and converts customers in loyal promoters via social channel integration.

Personalized Retail

ALTEN Calsoft Labs excels in offering personalized retail through retail analytics solutions. We help you in deciding your choice and streamline your shopping experience.

Omnichannel Retail

We at ALTEN Calsoft Labs facilitate retailers to discover the correct way to omnichannel adoption for their brand on the basis of customers, competitors, physical and digital assets.