Pharma and Life Sciences


Reinvention of business operating models, consumerism, technological enhancements, reduced margin in core revenue streams and commercialization of services are a few of the myriad of challenges that the Pharma and Life Sciences industries are facing today. Development of typical potentialities along with optimization of existing operations are the best possible duad to cope up with the changes.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs offers end to end solutions across various sub-domains like Clinical Research, Clinical Data Management, Bio-informatics, and so on. We assist life science establishments develop and enforce groundbreaking solutions and leverage clinical, demographic, financial and other data to design and build nouveau solutions in life sciences.

Our company’s esteemed onshore and offshore clientele includes:

  • Clinical Research Organizations
  • Pharmaceutical/Biotech Companies
  • Medical Research Organizations
  • Life Science Technology Vendors


  • Implementation Services

  • DWH-BI and Analytics

  • QA and Test Automation

  • Application Development

  • Specialized Services

  • Enterprise BI/DWH
  • Reporting
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Clinical Data Warehousing
  • Best in-class Verification and Validation
  • Automated Test Solutions
  • Conceptualization
  • Roadmap Definition
  • Records and Document Management Solutions
  • Laboratory Information Systems
  • Development, Testing and Reengineering of Enterprise Class Healthcare Products
  • Healthcare Consulting
  • Healthcare Security Management
  • Performance Optimization


ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ intelligent biomedical image analysis and classification tool stores huge mammogram images for analysis, prognosis and detection of malignant tumors.

Our groundbreaking iOS app integrates online charts and patient medical records thus offering a platform for connected and holistic care delivery.

Leverage our remote patient monitoring application to provide patients an improved and convenient supervision.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ native Android application helps patients measure and record glucose levels using a handy kit through serial port connection.