ALTEN Calsoft Labs brings the vital Healthcare domain focus, skilled professionals, and proven healthcare technology solutions expertise to help medical technology (MedTech) companies. As part of our Healthcare Center of Excellence, our main goal is to address business, process and compliance related challenges to help our customers to accelerate the adoption of new technology, maintain regulatory compliance and improve patient communication by developing a future-proof care delivery model. We also focus in developing and delivering cutting-edge MedTech solutions leveraging mobile healthcare, cloud health and healthcare analytics.



  • Healthcare Interoperability

  • Healthcare Technology Services

  • Healthcare Analytics

  • Project Outsourcing and Staffing

  • Healthcare Professional Services

  • Digital Health Innovations

For those who are implementing complete interoperable software development services and looking to augment team with skilled developers, ALTEN Calsoft Labs is the ultimate choice. We have the health plan development services you need to take your EHR software to the next level.

  • HL7 Software Development Services
  • Mirth Developmental Services
  • Healthcare Interoperability Standards & Protocols
  • FHIR for Population Health Management and Health Data Interoperability
  • Connected Health

We offer advanced healthcare technology and IT services to help you improve patient safety and satisfaction and clinical effectiveness.

  • Application Development
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Product Modernization
  • Quality Assurance & Test Automation
  • SaaS Enablement
  • Cloud Health
  • Mobile Healthcare

We provide top-notch MedTech solutions to serve your need analyzing your situation through the four fold path of capture, store, process and analyze.

  • Data warehousing across population improves outcomes, and measures the performance of care providers.
  • Data Visualization and Dashboarding
  • Healthcare Analytics Framework

Leveraging our extensive deep industry process expertise, passion for customer excellence, proven global workforce solutions, on-demand delivery model and global network, we offer following best of the breed staffing solutions for rapidly growing enterprises.

  • Permanent Staffing
  • Contract Staffing
  • Consulting and Outsourcing

We customize, integrate with third parties, deploy, support and maintain healthcare solutions for hospitals and care delivery organizations.

  • Tier 3 Support & Maintenance
  • Patient Engagement
  • Clinical Workflow Redesign
  • Collaborating Product & Custom Development
  • Architecture Consulting
  • Deployment & Client Services
  • Application Interface Development
  • Medical Devices Integration Services
  • Report Writing
  • Assessment, Gap Analysis & EHR Optimization
  • Meaningful Use Support
  • Functional & Non-functional Testing
  • Test Automation, Managed Test Centers
  • Legacy systems – Conversions

We help you leverage the power of next-generation digital health innovations & technologies to seize every significant opportunity.

  • Provider Population health analytics
  • Omni channel Healthcare
  • Healthcare Cloud enablement
  • Telemedicine
  • Home healthcare
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • ACO, HIE
  • Wearables, Wellness Apps and IoT


Explore our IoT beacons, wearables, wellness apps, smart devices and other connected objects to adhere to care programs and facilitate analytics.

Excelling in building accelerator for RESTful interfaces based on FHIR for interoperability. Our FHIR solutions attribute the market demands with high emphasis on conformance.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ intelligent biomedical image analysis and classification tool stores huge mammogram images for analysis, prognosis and detection of malignant tumors.

Our groundbreaking iOS app integrates online charts and patient medical records thus offering a platform for connected and holistic care delivery.

Leverage our remote patient monitoring application to provide patients an improved and convenient supervision.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ native Android application helps patients measure and record glucose levels using a handy kit through serial port connection.