Medical Devices


Emerging technologies like Big Data, Mobile Health, Electronic Health, Cloud Computing and Predictive Analytics have procured the healthcare market extensively. Support, maintenance and growth of existing applications added with upcoming challenges become the focus of most medical technology companies.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs provides Healthcare IT services for hospital solutions to create an environment where medical devices are integrated to ensure the data is presented in the right format to improve health outcomes. We integrate these medical devices into healthcare facility and connect them to enterprise EHR.   We help connect medical devices to the electronic medical record, enabling flow of information for health care professionals to consult the medical record as the single source for each patient. We stand by the software companies to meet the daily growing demands.

Our company’s portfolio of solutions includes:

  • Point of Care Applications
  • Medical Imaging and Modalities
  • Financial/RCM Applications
  • Care Management and Analytics
  • Medical Devices, Biometrics and Wearables
  • Clinical Integration, HIE and Patient Portals


  • Healthcare Interoperability

  • Healthcare Technology Services

  • Development Services

  • Digital Health Innovations

For those who are implementing complete interoperable software development services and looking to augment team with skilled developers, ALTEN Calsoft Labs is the ultimate choice. We have the health plan development services you need to take your EHR software to the next level.

  • HL7 Software Development Services
  • Mirth Developmental Services
  • Healthcare Interoperability Standards & Protocols
  • FHIR for Population Health Management and Health Data Interoperability
  • Connected Health

We offer advanced healthcare technology and IT services to help you improve patient safety and satisfaction and clinical effectiveness.

  • Application Development
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Product Modernization
  • Quality Assurance & Test Automation
  • SaaS Enablement
  • Cloud Health
  • Mobile Healthcare

We at ALTEN Calsoft Labs offer you top-notch healthcare IT services that includes development as well. Our development services portfolio includes:

  • Device connectivity and workflow automation (IHE, IEE, HL7 and DICOM)
  • UI Design, Development, Chip to Cloud enabling of medical devices
  • Automated Control Systems  (Embedded, Mechanical, Electrical/Electronics) for various medical devices
  • Device communication over SNI/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/USB/RS232
  • Console Application Development for Modalities, Image Acquisition and Scan Management
  • Testing Services – Functional/Non Functional/Usability

We help you leverage the power of next-generation digital health innovations & technologies to seize every significant opportunity.

  • Provider Population health analytics
  • Omni channel Healthcare
  • Healthcare Cloud enablement
  • Telemedicine
  • Home healthcare
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • ACO, HIE
  • Wearables, Wellness Apps and IoT


Explore our IoT beacons, wearables, wellness apps, smart devices and other connected objects to adhere to care programs and facilitate analytics.

Excelling in building accelerator for RESTful interfaces based on FHIR for interoperability. Our FHIR solutions attribute the market demands with high emphasis on conformance.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ intelligent biomedical image analysis and classification tool stores huge mammogram images for analysis, prognosis and detection of malignant tumors.

Our groundbreaking iOS app integrates online charts and patient medical records thus offering a platform for connected and holistic care delivery.

Leverage our remote patient monitoring application to provide patients an improved and convenient supervision.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ native Android application helps patients measure and record glucose levels using a handy kit through serial port connection.