Testing and Assessment Providers


Assessment is a critical component of the learning process. Common forms of testing and assessment includes examination, speech and project. Assessment decides whether the learning objectives are met or not. Assessment affects multiple facets of education ranging from student grades, placement, curriculum and school funding. Just as assessment aids students, it also benefits the faculty members. The effectiveness of teaching is reflected through frequent assessments, which in turn can enhanced by student assessment software.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs offers an integrated platform for educational testing and fair assessment a perfect combination for Virtual Classroom software. We have worked with clients who in turn serve over 400 organizations worldwide and ensure streamline test experience. Our student assessment software validates examinee identification through biometric before the start of the test. We aim fraud elimination and historical tracking & management of candidates leveraging top-notch training and assessment solutions.


  • Application Development

  • Specialized Services

  • Online Test Application Development, Testing, Support and Maintenance
  • Training and Assessment Solutions
  • Learning Assessment Tools
  • Student Assessment Tools
  • Biometric Security Solutions
  • Secure and Scalable Learning Management System
  • Reliable School Management and College Management Software
  • Customized Report Generation
  • Seamless integration with existing infrastructure


Social learning in virtual classrooms enables learners and experts to interact through video, audio and text chats, thus accelerating knowledge-sharing.

Our Moodle based eLearning framework offers a coalesce of services ranging from administration, documentation, monitoring, reporting and and streamlined delivery of various online training and other courses.