Digital Retail


Consumerization and personalization are the boons of digital retail. The digital retail industry now demands solutions that satisfy the needs of you, your employees, your suppliers and your customers.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ digital retail solutions help you work smarter and faster saving both time and money. Our experts have been providing independent specialty retailers with affordable connected retail solutions for their hardware, software, technology and management needs since 1992. 24+ years of proven experience in sales, development, installations, support and training makes ALTEN Calsoft Labs the choice of intelligent retailers who desire to maximize their bottom line of personalized retail.


  • Analytics Services

  • Integration Services

  • Testing Services

  • Development Services

  • Dashboard Development
  • Customer Campaign Management, Reporting and Engagement
  • Personalized Retail
  • Omnichannel
  • In-Store Customer Analytics
  • Sterling Integration
  • Performance Testing
  • Digital Retail Application Testing
  • Customized Development
  • Connected Retail management Solution
  • Loyalty, Processing & Payment Solutions