Digital Healthcare


To instrument a paperless environment, healthcare industry is going digital. Digital Healthcare industry is transiting from volume based to value based model. Henceforth, cost reduction, health outcome improvement, healthcare reformation are gaining importance with the increasing prominence of the nexus of social, mobility, analytics and cloud. Digital healthcare is the future. From clinical care, remote care, care management to claims and medical records, are being driven by digital innovation at one end and consumerism at the other.

No digital transformation can happen without the strong foundation for integrating payer and patient’s point of care with clinical system. ALTEN Calsoft Labs provides you that mobile health foundation to address the growing challenges of digital healthcare. Some of them are listed below.

  • Retail Outlook: Customers look for positive interactions with healthcare entities, while opting for an urgent care facility or a health insurance.
  • Competition: In today’s healthcare reform injected, retail oriented environment, healthcare entities compete to differentiate themselves among others through consumer experience and digital transformation.
  • Connected Health Demand: To make digital healthcare available anywhere, anytime, demand for ‘On-demand’ and personalized services, remote patient monitoring, mobile health, social media and retail clinics has fueled up.


  • Mobility

  • Analytics

  • Web

  • Social

  • Product Brochure
  • On-demand Quote
  • Benefit Enquiry
  • Physician Search
  • Mobile Health Records
  • EHR – EMR
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Chronic Disease Monitoring
  • Wellbeing Assessment
  • Virtual Health Coach
  • Customer Segment Analytics
  • Marketing and Campaign Analytics
  • Member Retention Analytics
  • Member Stratification Analytics
  • Claim Analytics Dashboard
  • Guided Sales Portal
  • Quote-to-Card
  • Point-of-Sale Claim Adjudication
  • eAppointment, eReferrals, eConsultation
  • Eligibility and Claim Status Enquiry
  • Longitudnal View of Customer
  • Premium Billing and Collections
  • Social Reputation Management
  • Competition Perception Tracking
  • Patient Centred Social Networking
  • Community Outreach Management
  • Member Education and Wellness