Digital Education


From textbooks to classrooms, education is going digital. In the era of digital education, there is no need of physical presence of students in the classroom, rather they can actively participate on virtual classrooms from anywhere in the world. Courses are usually curated according to individual learning styles and built in social media.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs has been providing education IT solutions to top education providers, colleges, universities, professional institutions, and education ISVs for over 24 years. Our highly experienced engineering team has worked on various products – learning tools, school management systems, document management systems, campus administration software, web platforms, mobile applications and game based learning to offer groundbreaking solutions to customers.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ service repertory includes adaptive learning management systems and platforms with assessment and remediation, unified authoring solutions, collaboration platforms, media solutions, big data and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, student retention systems and social sentiment analysis frameworks along with traditional and modern campus management solutions and student information systems.


  • Mobility Services

  • Personalization Services

  • Cost Optimization Services

  • Content Management Services

  • Enterprise wide Mobile Strategy Building
  • Mobile App Development
  • Mobile Channel Creation
  • Mobile School Management Systems
  • Mobile Document Management Systems
  • Mobile UX Framework Designing
  • Analytics solutions to attract, engage, monetize and retain
  • Personalized Social Engagement
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Revenue Management Solution
  • Financial Performance Reporting
  • Personalized Promotion
  • Publishing Price Management
  • Content Development, Management and Distribution
  • Integrated Asset and Rights Management
  • Document Management Systems
  • Content Quality Assurance
  • SEO Optimized Content
  • Content Format and Packaging Testing


Social learning in virtual classrooms enables learners and experts to interact through video, audio and text chats, thus accelerating knowledge-sharing.

Our Moodle based eLearning framework offers a coalesce of services ranging from administration, documentation, monitoring, reporting and and streamlined delivery of various online training and other courses.