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Area of Expertise Location Experience
Code Title Location Experience
CA00010 Project Manager Santa Clara, CA, USA 1+ Year
BA-2016-29 Firmware Test engineer for Bluetooth and WLAN connectivity chipsets Bangalore 3+ Years
BA-2016-01 Verification Engineers Bangalore 3+ Years
BA-2017-80 Physical Design Engineers Bangalore 2+ Years
BA-2016-05 SAS Developer Bangalore 4+ Years
BA-2016-08 Software/Sr Software Engineer Bangalore 3+ Years
BA-2016-10 Vision Server Engineer Bangalore 3+ Years
BA-2016-11 Couchbase Developer Bangalore 4+ Years
BA-2016-12 QA Engineer/Senior QA Engineer Bangalore 2+ Years
BA-2016-13 Sr Software/lead Engineers – Python/SDN Development Bangalore 3+ Years
BA-2016-14 Sr Software/lead Engineers – NMS/EMS Developer Bangalore 3+ Years
BA-2016-15 Java NMS/EMS Developer Bangalore 2+ Years
BA-2016-17 Cloud Technical Specialist/Devops Bangalore 4+ Years
BA-2016-18 Rest API Bangalore 4+ Years
BA-2016-24 L2/L3 Developer Bangalore 5+ Years
BA-2016-28 Wifi Test Automation Bangalore 3+ Years
BA-2016-30 Inside Sales – Executive Bangalore 1+ Year
BA-2016-31 iOS Lead Chennai 6+ Years
BA-2016-32 .Net Devloper Chennai Choose Experience*
BA-2016-33 Technical Architect – Java Chennai 8+ Years
CH-2017-34 Cloud NMS QA Chennai 5+ Years
BA-2017-38 CORD Developer Bengaluru 3+ Years
BA-2017-41 Java Python developer Bangalore 3+ Years
BA-2017-42 L2/L3 Networking Bangalore 4+ Years
BA-2017-43 Project Manager PM for Switching / Routing development Bangalore Choose Experience*
BA-2017-44 Android/Bluedroid Development Bangalore 5+ Years
US-2017-46 Technical Lead Santa Clara, CA, USA 5+ Years
US-2017-47 Digital Design Engineer California - San Jose 3+ Years
US-2017-49 Performance modeling and RTL correlation engineer California - Santa Clara 3+ Years
US-2017-50 CPU Verification engineer North Carolina - Raleigh 2+ Years
CH-2017-51 Executive – Quality Assurance Chennai 1+ Year
BA-2017-52 Senior Executive – Quality Assurance Bangalore 5+ Years
BA-2017-53 Jasper Report Developer Bangalore 3+ Years
BA-2017-54 Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical Consultant Bangalore 6+ Years
BA-2017-57 Java ODL Developer/ Sr. developer Bangalore 4+ Years
CH-2017-58 BI /SAS Programmer Chennai 8+ Years
CH-2017-59 HL7 Interface Developer Chennai 5+ Years
CH-2017-60 BI Architect Chennai 8+ Years
CH-2017-61 .Net Developer/Senior .Net Developer Chennai 4+ Years
CH-2017-62 BI Developer chennai 5+ Years
CH-2017-63 .Net Technical Architect chennai 10+ Years
CH-2017-65 Senior Front End Developer chennai 6+ Years
BA-2017-66 Dot Net Developer with WPF Bangalore 4+ Years
BA-2017-67 Lead Engineer Bangalore 6+ Years
BA-2017-68 Software/Sr Software Engineer/Lead Bangalore 5+ Years
BA-2017-69 Blue Android Developer Bangalore 3+ Years
BA-2017-70 Bluetooth Testing Bangalore 3+ Years
BA-2017-71 Bluetooth Developer Bangalore 3+ Years
BA-2017-72 WIFI Testing Bangalore 3+ Years
BA-2017-73 WLAN/Wi-Fi MAC Development Bangalore 3+ Years
BA-2017-76 Backend Developer Bangalore 3+ Years
BA-2017-77 Fullstack developer Bangalore 3+ Years
BA-2017-78 Sr. Networking Stack Engineer Bangalore 3+ Years
BA-2017-79 Frontend Developer Bangalore 3+ Years
BA-2017-81 Wi-Fi Co-ex Firmware / Wi-Fi Linux Host software / Wi-Fi firmware Bangalore 2+ Years
BA-2017-74 BMC CLM Architect Bangalore 5+ Years
BA-2017-75 Design Verification Engineer Bangalore 2+ Years
BA-2017-82 Hybrid Developer Bangalore 5+ Years
CA-2017-83 Senior Software Development Engineer California - Santa Clara 3+ Years
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