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Area of Expertise Location Experience
Code Title Location Experience
CA00010 Project Manager Santa Clara, CA, USA 1+ Year
BA-2016-29 Firmware Test engineer for Bluetooth and WLAN connectivity chipsets Bangalore 3+ Years
BA-2016-01 Verification Engineers Bangalore 3+ Years
BA-2016-02 Physical Design Engineers Bangalore 2+ Years
BA-2016-03 Java Middleware Developer Bangalore 5+ Years
BA-2016-04 Big Data engineer Bangalore 5+ Years
BA-2016-05 SAS Developer Bangalore 4+ Years
PU-2016-06 .Net Developer Pune 4+ Years
BA-2016-07 OpenStack-Developers Bangalore 3+ Years
BA-2016-08 Software/Sr Software Engineer Bangalore 3+ Years
BA-2016-09 L2/L3 stacks Development Bangalore 3+ Years
BA-2016-10 Vision Server Engineer Bangalore 3+ Years
BA-2016-11 Couchbase Developer Bangalore 4+ Years
BA-2016-12 QA Engineer/Senior QA Engineer Bangalore 2+ Years
BA-2016-13 Sr Software/lead Engineers – Python/SDN Development Bangalore 3+ Years
BA-2016-14 Sr Software/lead Engineers – NMS/EMS Developer Bangalore 3+ Years
BA-2016-15 Java NMS/EMS Developer Bangalore 2+ Years
BA-2016-16 Senior Java Devloper Bangalore 4+ Years
BA-2016-17 Cloud Technical Specialist/Devops Bangalore 4+ Years
BA-2016-18 Rest API Bangalore 4+ Years
BA-2016-19 UI Developer at L2 level Bangalore 4+ Years
BA-2016-20 Java Developer Bangalore 4+ Years
BA-2016-21 Project Manager Bangalore 6+ Years
BA-2016-22 .Net Developer Bangalore 3+ Years
BA-2016-23 Java Team Lead Pune 7+ Years
BA-2016-24 L2/L3 Developer Bangalore 5+ Years
BA-2016-25 Lead/Architech Bangalore 7+ Years
BA-2016-26 Manager/ Sr Manager Bangalore 12+ Years
BA-2016-27 Senior Executive Quality Assurance Bangalore 5+ Years
BA-2016-28 Wifi Test Automation Bangalore 3+ Years
BA-2016-30 Inside Sales – Executive Bangalore 1+ Year
BA-2016-31 iOS Lead Chennai 6+ Years
BA-2016-32 .Net Devloper Chennai Choose Experience*
BA-2016-33 Technical Architect – Java Chennai 8+ Years
CH-2017-34 Cloud NMS QA Chennai 5+ Years
BA-2017-35 Senior Project Manager Bengaluru 12+ Years
BA-2017-36 Technical Lead / Senior Software Engineer Bengaluru 7+ Years
BA-2017-37 UI Developer Bengaluru 5+ Years
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