Network Transformation

What challenges are Telcos facing in NFV implementation today?

Challenges Telcos  Face in NFV Implementation: NFV implementation Challenges - Networking Expert NARENDRA DHARA shares his inputs.

August 17th, 2015

Applications Deployment Flexibility in NFV

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) has resulted in replacing dedicated network appliances - such as routers and firewalls - with software running on commercial off-the-shelf servers. These software or applications running on servers are called as Virtual Network Functions or VNFs....

Applications Deployment Flexibility in NFV
July 1st, 2015

Why Network Transformation?

If we step back a bit in to the history of how telecom networks were conceived and built, it becomes evident that networks were designed in the past to deliver one service at a time. Starting from PSTN voice to...

Why Network Transformation?
June 18th, 2015

Realizing SDN – ODL

About two years ago, SDN was a buzz in the industry with early adopters conducting PoCs to create overlay networks within the data center, or provisioning WAN bandwidth in core networks. Just about a year ago, SDN realization started in...

Realizing SDN – ODL
May 16th, 2015

Cloud Computing in Healthcare

A recent study by the firm MarketsandMarkets indicates: Cloud computing market in healthcare comprises of nearly 4% of the industry The industry is expected to grow to nearly $5.4 billion by 2017 The cloud migration process for healthcare organizations is...

Cloud Computing in Healthcare
April 8th, 2014


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