AGILE in Employee Skill Development

March 22nd, 2016

Skill Development through training and workshops were traditionally followed in most of the organizations to improve skills of the workforce. The skilled workers add value for the organization and one’s career growth. New tools and technologies flood the market in the 21st century and it becomes mandatory for any organization to plan for continuously training the employees to meet the market requirements.

The most important stage in the training process is to identify the skills to be developed based on the market studies and job needs. On the basis of the skill levels of the employee, organizations create training plans and define milestones. During training, it is required to continuously assess the skills and customize the training content.

A software platform is the need of the hour to support continuous skill assessment and development. A model of stages in Skill Development is shown in the underneath diagram.

Stages in Employee Skill Development:
Agility in Skill Development

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