Infographic – Survey Statistics of Total Learning

January 19th, 2016

Every organization shall have a strategy to develop employee competencies to create a high performing workforce. The skill gaps in employees shall be assessed at individual level and the organization shall provide platform to improve by adopting continuous learning infrastructure. A total learning survey to understand details on various aspects and requirements in Education sector is vital. The three constituents of total learning – on-the job, social and formal are captured in 70:20:10 framework. We can consider formal learning as the foundation and starting point from which experiential and social learning can develop. The 70:20:10 model also empowers every employee to own their development and creates an environment of building high performing learning culture.

Infographics: Total Learning Survey statistics and detailed on Education sector, the Survey helps to develop disruptive technologies such as Cloud.

Infographic: Total Learning Survey Statistics – Education Sector

Learning Survey Statistics
Learning Survey Statistics


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