Chuck Dubuque

Director of Product Marketing, Virtualization & OpenStack

“ALTEN Calsoft Labs has been among the early leaders in NFV, bringing network operators increased flexibility and value as they move to the cloud, and we’re pleased that they’ve selected Red Hat Enterprise OpenStack Linux Platform for their highly scalable NFV platform and as an open foundation for a heterogeneous cloud environment.”

James Wanken

Development Director

We have partnered with ALTEN Calsoft Labs for close to 5 years, consistently growing and expanding the team. While predominately sourced from the engineering and quality assurance areas, we have also expanded our partnership to include client care, deployment and technical services. ALTEN Calsoft Labs has been able to flexibly scale the team as needed to keep pace with our dynamic environment efficiently and effectively. The extended team has brought a large degree of dedication to the projects as a whole and consistently met project deadlines. Through this partnership we have been able to maintain our large portfolio across many Microsoft technologies and continually offer new solutions to our clients.

Greg Schuster


ALTEN Calsoft Labs has been an integral part of our engineering effort in building and supporting an online, self-service payment solution that enables patients to pay their hospital bills. ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ healthcare domain knowledge, technical excellence and ability to understand our business has created a development environment that enables us to rapidly respond to market requirements. Senior management at ALTEN Calsoft Labs has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the relationship that validates the selection of this firm as our partner for product engineering initiatives. We have engaged their services for many years and are very satisfied with the results.

Joyce Mullen

Vice President & General Manager

“To continue that differentiation, we’re extending our collaboration with Red Hat and teaming with ALTEN Calsoft Labs to deliver NFV and SDN solutions, for which the telecommunications industry is clearly hungry.”

Peter Willis

Chief Researcher, Data Network

“ALTEN Calsoft Labs have demonstrated world class knowledge of networks and leading edge packet processing software. They delivered a compelling, scalable, low power, compact, high performance solution running on standard x86 servers in only a few months to BT”