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  • Hospital Information System

  • Mobile Nursing Station

  • Safety and Incident Management Solution

  • Virtual Classroom Product development and testing

  • Virtual CPE NFV Solution for Security Services

Hospital Information System

The customer envisaged a robust end-to-end hospital information system to cater to the growing needs of rural and mission critical hospitals. The customer’s main goals are:

  • Streamline processes within the hospital, reduce patient waiting time
    and improve the efficiency
  • Reduce administrative times and duplication of information across
    the hospital information systems

Mobile Nursing Station

For a leading healthcare technology company providing connected health solutions to hospitals in the US.

The customer wanted to develop a greener solution by which they can do away with paper based patient charts, improve performance and efficiency of nurses through a mobile enabled nursing charts application. Through this solution, the customer envisaged a collaborative, efficient and connected healthcare solution to improve patient care.

Safety and Incident Management Solution

The customer is a leading provider of software services catering to the needs of the healthcare industry, focusing on advanced healthcare quality, patient safety and risk management, infection control and accreditation standards compliance.They capture and analyze meaningful data to effectively drive the decisions that improve the safety and quality of the healthcare organizations, hospitals and patient safety organizations (PSOs).

Virtual Classroom Product development and testing

The customer is a $5 billion market leader in online education with a major focus on higher education. The products and offerings from the customer improve the learning experience of more than 400,000 students with a strong 24,000 faculty members spread over 200 campuses and learning centers worldwide.

Virtual CPE NFV Solution for Security Services

ALTEN Calsoft Labs designed and developed a Virtual CPE NFV solution targeting telecom operators to provide security services and management.We were also instrumental in developing an OpenStack orchestration with Northbound interface to Service Provisioning platform of Service Providers.